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Your IT Success Formula

What is your IT Success Formula?

There are a lot of buzz-words out there - 'Business / IT Alignment', 'vCIO', 'IT Strategy'. Many IT Providers treat these items as offerings, but we look at technology being a strategic advantage and build it in to the way we approach every solution we offer

A Perfect Chemistry Event

Perfect Chemistry, Oxygen and Cisco Webinar

Perfect Chemistry is the way Oxygen and their partners create positive outcomes for their clients.

When it comes time to choose the right IT partner for your organization, we understand that you want to do your homework. It can be difficult to sift through multiple providers’ websites and try to understand all of the technical mumbo-jumbo. After a while, every website you visit may start to look the same because, frankly, most IT providers take the same approach and offer the same services. We’re different. While we provide the same breadth of services as other best-in-class providers do, we do it in our own way. Our business model focuses on these four differentiators:

Managed IT Services

Managed Services

Whether you are fully outsourcing your technology support function or looking to augment & empower your existing technology team, we are your IT Superheros

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Eco-System

Oxygen Technologies has used the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework as our template for building our cybersecurity platform for our clients

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Today’s high-performance IT infrastructure is complex to design and operate. Mission critical IT demands experts who understand cloud architecture and know how to upgrade, patch, secure, monitor, and scale your IT environment.

Server Virtualization, Cloud Migration, Networking and Project Management Services

Projects & Procurement

Oxygen Technologies has developed a mature and successful Projects Management Office (PMO.) With a dedicated Project Manager, and technical resources with a broad base of industry certifications and experiences

A Value-For-Money Assessment

Are you getting value for your IT Investment

It can be hard to quantify whether you are getting the best 'bang for your buck'. Other IT Providers may tell you what you should be PAYING, but what about what you should be GETTING?