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How Managed Print Services Prevent Printer Hacking

Printing is one of the most vulnerable business operations. Not only do businesses have to worry about employee theft, there’s also the looming threat posed by hackers worldwide. Business is changing, and with these evolutions come new complications. When implemented correctly, Managed Print Services (MPS) can ensure consistent security for any network of printers.

It is crucial to take a holistic approach to securing a printing environment, especially in instances where a printer is shared among many users. To start, users can evaluate their core vulnerabilities to gain an understanding of blind spots.

Ways Your Printers are Vulnerable

In the past, printers have been connected directly to devices, now, the modern day multi-functional device is connected to an entire network. Just like any device attached to an office’s IT infrastructure, it comes with it’s own risks. Here are a few ways hackers can gain access to sensitive business information:

  • Document theft – When someone picks up a printed document that doesn’t belong to them.
  • Unauthorized changes – If printer settings aren’t secure, then someone can reroute print jobs or reset the printer to factory defaults.
  • Saved copies on internal storage – If a printer is stolen or discarded before erasing the data, a hacker could recover the saved documents.
  • Eavesdropping on network printer traffic – Not only can hackers eavesdrop, but they can capture documents sent from computers to the printers.

Printers accessible via the internet give hackers the opportunity to send bizarre print jobs, transmit faxes, change LCD readouts, change settings, launch Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks to lock it, steal saved documents and install malware.

How Managed Print Services Can Prevent Vulnerabilities

MPS can be used to ensure that all printers in a network are secure – no matter the size of the company.

The best way to survive an attack is to be prepared for it. Here are five things organizations can do to protect their network from hackers:


  1. Restrict network access – Find out which networks printers are connected to and who has access to them.
  2. Passwords – Protecting printers from malware and unauthorized access begins with proper password control.
  3. Encryption – Users should ensure their network is encrypted, as well as the hard drives of their printers.
  4. Secure printers – Many printers come with a range of built-in security features, such as proactively evaluating security settings and shutting down or rebooting if a threat is detected.
  5. Print outs – Printer users should form policies and processes for managing uncollected printouts to ensure they do not reach the wrong hands.


Securing a network takes smart printer security policies and common-sense security best practices. The good news is that business users do not have to sacrifice affordable printing to experience security success. Choosing the right MPS solution can ensure consistent security for any network of printers. MPS brings companies of all sizes closer to the goal of a secure environment and allows them to fund other security measures.


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