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Reducing the Cost of Printing and the Cost per Page

Printing is both one of the most vital and most costly of business operations. Not only is there a substantial monetary cost, printing incurs serious environmental costs when not done responsibly. Here’s the breakdown on cost per page, and the real cost of printing. Managers should heed these examples and start working with a managed service provider to optimize their print environments and reduce costs.

The Startling Averages of the Cost Per Page

Savvy managers recognize how expensive inefficiencies in printing can be. They also recognize how instrumental managed print services can be in reducing those expenses.

Canada is one of the top ten countries with the highest rates of paper consumption. With statistics like that, it’s clear that printing operations need to be optimized to offset financial and environmental costs. It all starts with reducing the cost per page, more on that below.  

Factors That Contribute to Reducing the Printing Cost per Page

There are many factors that can reduce the cost per page in office printing. These factors range from hardware to software solutions to operational costs. Here’s what firms should know about reducing the cost per page.


Hardware quality and design can have a major impact on the potential cost per page when using the equipment. Having the right printer model in the correct application helps reduce your print costs. Look for printers that are designed to use high yield toner which reduces your cost per copy. The higher your printer toner yields the lower your print costs, analysing your printers spec’s and consumables requirements  before buying it is one of the easiest and most proactive ways to reduce the cost per page from the start.


Software is one of the most important tools in cost per page reduction. Managed print services administer superior software applications that actively monitor office printers. The active monitoring services to keep the printers running smoothly at peak performance and detects potential maintenance issues.

When these issues are detected, the service provider will perform proactive maintenance on the machine and see that it is restored to optimum condition.  

Consumables, Toner Cartridges

Print manufactures have realized how critical the cost per page printed is in the decision making process when a company is looking to purchase a piece of print hardware. Many of the key print manufacturers have introduced programs that can significantly reduce print consumables costs (OEM toners) to the customers in turn reducing the costs to print a page.

Another option is to look at remanufactured toner cartridges to save both money and the environment. The symbiotic relationship between the two is made evident when firms enjoy the cost savings of using remanufactured cartridges while the environment benefits from less waste.

Administrative and IT Costs

IT departments are expensive to maintain. Employing full-time IT professionals and supplying them with salaries and benefits packages generate an enormous long-term cost. Clever firms can help decrease these costs by investing in managed print services programs, outsourcing print tasks can free up expensive IT professional to work on more business critical challenges.  

Tying it All Together, Reduce Printing Costs and Improve Productivity with First Phase Data

First Phase Data is a leader in managed print services for a reason, they take care of their customers and optimize their print environments to make firms stronger. Here’s why First Phase Data should be the first choice for any business. Their key strengths range from having knowledgeable professionals and unsurpassed customer care.

  • Expertise – First Phase Data has mastered the MPS business for over 35 years.
  • Price point – First Phase Data has attractive pricing that makes it a favorite choice for Canadian firms.
  • Exceptional customer service – one of the pillars of any successful business, including theirs.

The advantages of partnering with First Phase Data for professional managed print services are so great that no company should be without them. Printing performance without an MPS is invariably less efficient and can have a significant negative impact on finances.

Reduce the Printing Cost per Page with First Phase Data

The cost of printing per page can be reduced dramatically when firms partner with experts like first Phase Data. Their services have been helping businesses be more efficient for over 30 years. A managed print services provider which leading firms can trust.    

Have a chat with First Phase Data and start enjoying the advantages of managed print services today!

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