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The Benefits of Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Optical character recognition technology is one of the most revolutionary tools for businesses today. The technology allows firms to take complete control over their documents, converting formats that would be otherwise incompatible. The advantages of this are clear for savvy and forward thinking managers who stand to benefit from OCR technology. Here’s what firms should know about OCR and why they need it to stay ahead of the game.

What Is OCR Technology?

OCR, or optical character recognition technology is a software solution that can convert documents of different formats and manipulate them in unique ways which allows customers to search for documents via keywords or phrases .

OCR applications like ABBY Technologies’ FineReader 14 are unmatched in their sophistication. The program works by scanning documents and segmenting them into blocks, then singling out words and interpreting the characters.

One of the things that makes this technology so revolutionary is that its design aims at implementing the same factors that govern human sight and identification of text in technology.

Three core principles used by industry leader ABBY Technology are integrity, purposefulness, and adaptability – forming the acronym IPA.  

The Many Benefits of OCR

Optical character recognition programs like FineReader 14 by ABBY Technologies can convert documents of almost any format and increase their range of functionality.

Managers recognize the benefits of OCR technology like FineReader 14, especially its ability to transform documents within minutes. The software’s remarkable speed is a boon to any business in today’s fast-paced environment. With this technology text captured in images or almost any other format can be digitized and supplanted into other documents at will, making for a vast plethora of business applications.

What FineReader 14 OCR Software Has to Offer Businesses of All Sizes

FineReader 14 software mentioned previously is hands down one for the absolute best programs in OCR technology. The software comes in three versions each tailored to a different sized business.  

  • The Standard edition is the best choice for SMBs.
  • The Corporate edition is prime for medium to large scale firms and comes with an impressive suite of features.
  • The Enterprise edition of FineReader 14 is by far the most powerful version of the software to date and is perfect for large and far-reaching corporate businesses.

The software is programmed to recognize 192 languages, making it an ideal solution for businesses in today’s global arena. The ability to handle that many languages is essential to have to compete on a global scale.

With FineReader 14, text in PDF documents can be searched, edited, deleted, or supplanted with other words with ease. Anyone who has experienced the frustrations of not being able to search and edit a PDF document will readily appreciate this elegant software.


The Standard Edition

One major difference that separates the Standard edition from higher versions is that it does not feature to compare or automate conversions. Small businesses, however, can typically live without this level of functionality and still benefit immensely from its other capabilities.

The Corporate Edition

The Corporate edition of FineReader 14 allows for 5,000 documents a month to be converted automatically via OCR and allows for 2 CPU cores. That volume is more than enough for many larger businesses.

The Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise edition of FineReader 14 is by far one of the most robust OCR programs on the market. It’s packed with functions that can power the document management of massive corporations. As the most powerful version of FineReader software, this edition supplies business with 10,000 automatic OCR conversions a month and 4 CPU cores. That immense level of power is a magnificent value for the price, especially when purchased through competitive vendors like First Phase Data.

Get the Optical Character Recognition Advantage with First Phase Data

Forward-thinking firms looking to take advantage of OCR technology should seek out First Phase Data. Their quality of service is unmatched, making First Phase Data the best value in OCR technology. First Phase Data has been pioneering technology for over 30 years and is a leader firms can trust.


Chat with First Phase Data and get an edge over the competition with OCR technology today!

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