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How PaperCut Helps Canadian Businesses Reduce Paper Consumption

Printing and its associated costs are one of the largest expenses for Canadian businesses. Many of the costs may even be unknown by many business managers, without close attention to the many factors related to printing:

  • Multiple printers from various vendors which may or may not be compatible with all business systems
  • Service by multiple representatives without centralized control
  • Individual purchases of paper, toner, and related supplies without leveraging volume discounts

Lack of centralized control over printers and supplies can lead to skyrocketing costs, lost productivity, and security issues.

PaperCut has solutions that can help Canadian businesses reduce paper consumption and save money.

What Is PaperCut?

PaperCut is not one of those annoying and painful little slivers in your fingers you get from mishandling paper. PaperCut is a powerful software system that lets you automate your day-to-day and specialty printing to take control of your paper consumption and unnecessary printing. Over 60k organizations worldwide already use PaperCut’s features and functionality to reduce printing costs in numerous ways:

  • Create company policies on what documents can be printed in color, what reports print in duplex format, and even what reports can be produced in hard copy at all.
  • Use PaperCut’s tracking and reports to provide newfound visibility to what is being printed, where, and what departments or individuals are doing the printing.
  • With centralized administration and a convenient web interface, you can manage printer use across your entire business.
  • Secure confidential documents by requiring the user to be at the printer before printing is initiated. You can implement such security through device login or by swiping a security card.
  • Multifunction printers can track and control not only printing, but also scans, copies, and faxes.
  • Provide capability and controls for printing from all printers – even from remote or mobile devices.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Novell, and Mac

PaperCut is easy to install, simple to administer, and is highly customizable for your business needs including tailoring reports, control levels, and alerts.

How Your Canadian Business Can Benefit from Implementing PaperCut

Controlling the generation and distribution of printed materials can be a significant challenge for businesses in all market segments. Businesses generate paper for personnel and payroll documents, financial statements, purchase orders, invoices, and so much more. Many of these documents include sensitive information that may be considered company confidential or could be subject to compliance mandates.

  • With PaperCut on the job, there will no longer be confidential reports sitting unclaimed on your printers.
  • Reducing the volume of printed documents, your business takes control of printing costs, immediately saving money through reducing paper consumption and improving productivity.
  • Create pop-up alerts to discourage needless printing of emails, saving paper and toner
  • PaperCut policies that you create in the system ensure adherence to business decisions related to what printers can be utilized for large reports, who is authorized for printing confidential documents, and more. This enforces best practices and encourages responsibility when sending reports to a printer.
  • Administrators receive automated notifications of deviations from printing policies. Standard reports from PaperCut provide visibility of pages printed, summaries at the user level, by department, and so much more. These reports can be generated in multiple formats – PDF, HTML, Excel – and can be generated automatically and emailed to the appropriate resources.
  • PaperCut is easy to install and administer, even optionally generating individual users and groups from your existing Active Directory or other sources.
  • Specialty printing can be managed with PaperCut’s Job Ticketing functionality to manage requests such as 3D printing or specialized print room instructions.
  • Let PaperCut recommend the most effective destination for printing to avoid bottlenecks on printers
  • PaperCut supports all your printer and copier brands including Canon, HP, Epson, Lexmark, Ricoh, Xerox and many more
  • Reduce paper transactions for invoices and payment through PaperCut integration with many payment portals

Once you’re convinced that PaperCut will add value and reduce paper consumption for your business or organization, how do you get started?

First Phase Data – Your PaperCut Business Partner

First Phase Data is an authorized PaperCut partner, ready to help Canadian businesses realize a significant reduction in paper consumption to save printing expense, improve efficiency, and promote environmental awareness.

You don’t have to be a large enterprise to afford and benefit from installing PaperCut. Small businesses, educational institutions, and all types of industries are saving paper – and money – from implementing the system. Support is critical for efficient use of any system. PaperCut backs up their system with certified experts available worldwide.

First Phase Data is a PaperCut partner who can help your business implement the system quickly and efficiently. Start reducing paper consumption and saving money today by calling the document experts at First Phase Data.

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