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Have You Digitized Your Whole Document Load? It Might Be Easier Than You Think

Many businesses have, for decades, dreamed of operating the “paperless office.” Of course, that may never totally come to fruition, but with today’s modern technology, the reality is closer than ever. In fact, there are many advantages to be realized by Winnipeg, Canada businesses through implementing a strategy toward digital transformation.

Why Move to Digital Documents?

Digitizing your document load is getting increasingly important. There are many productivity and legal reasons for this shift in document management:

Security – regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley have generated strict guidelines and mandates for data retention and protection. Adhering to this mix of legal compliance issues presents an enormous challenge when utilizing paper documents. Sophisticated document management systems incorporate access controls restricting the ability of users to store, edit, delete, and distribute documents.

Cost – it’s very likely that your printing and copying is contributing more to your operational expenses than you think. Disparate types of printers from a variety of manufacturers, desktop scanners, and fax machines require different types of supplies, multiple maintenance agreements, and service technicians that may even be from different vendors. That adds up to extra expense for your business.

Productivity – office personnel, may need to do scanning or faxing in one office or workstation, print at another, and do copying at still another. This wastes time and consumes resources that could be better used to service customers or focus on more profitable tasks.

Compliance – regulations specify certain documents be retained for varying time periods. Filing and storing documents is time-consuming and unproductive. Retrieving documents from archived storage add to the workload of employees.

How to Get It Done – Digital Transformation

Business migration to digitized documents can be achieved through the use of technology and a commitment toward transformation to efficient document management.

Implementing the proper fleet of multifunction devices to create and manage documents is an essential element of digitizing your documents. A single device that can fax, copy, print, and scan allows a business office to distribute and share documents easily and electronically. Wide format printers and scanners can even accommodate larger images such as construction blueprints and architectural drawings.

Electronic document management includes an integrated workflow that streamlines business functions and simplifies many processes. Typical procedures such as creating a purchase order and routing for approvals can be accomplished with a digital form and automated workflow that forwards the request directly to the right individuals for approval. Workflow can then forward the order to the vendor – all digitally, without a single piece of paper.

It’s Not Too Late to Bring Your Documents to a Digital Format

The timing could not be better for your digital transformation. Multifunction devices that are connected to your office network enable faxing, scanning, copying, and printing from a single piece of office equipment. Even incoming paperwork can be quickly scanned to digital format for storing, editing, and distributing. Distribution can be automated through these devices, equipped with applications that provide many productivity benefits:

  • Security features such as requiring PIN or security card access before printing confidential materials
  • Technology that enables printing to any device, or routing to distribution lists – even to mobile devices
  • Organize and categorize documents through intelligent optical character recognition as documents are scanned
  • Reduced printing reduces your carbon footprint through centralized printing controls, lower paper consumption, and recycling of used toner cartridges

With advanced searching technology of digital documents, lost documents, or extensive searches to locate items in files or storage archives are a thing of the past.

Managing and Controlling the Project

As daunting as digital transformation may appear on the surface, managing the effort does not need to be that difficult. With management commitment and a desire to reduce costs, improve security, and increase productivity, your move to digital documents can be greatly simplified and extremely rewarding.

  • Review each type of document as opposed to just scanning everything to electronic storage. Not all documents require the same security and retention. This is the perfect time to clean out file cabinets and storage boxes that contain irrelevant or outdated information that also has no legal archiving requirement.
  • Establish meaningful and standard filing and naming conventions for scanned documents. This will make searching and retrieving documents in the future much faster and more intuitive.

Enlisting the help of an experienced document management service will streamline the digitizing process and ensure the success of the project.

First Phase Data Can Help

First Phase Data helps many Winnipeg, Canada customers implement print management solutions that offer a high ROI on digital transformation. Our team of professionals will provide a comprehensive analysis of your printing processes and make recommendations for restructuring print infrastructure to better manage or eliminate paper flow throughout your business.

Contact First Phase Data today for a complete analysis of your printing processes, and to get started on a program of digital document management.

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