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Can Sustainability Really Save You Money? The Short Answer is Yes.

Printing functionality has seen significant advances in both hardware and software technology in recent years. Multifunction printers that can print, copy, fax, and even scan directly to digital formats are now in place in thousands of businesses, replacing outmoded specialized devices that were only capable of a single function.

Supplies that keep these high-tech devices running smoothly have also seen advances in manufacturing techniques and reliability while saving printer owners money over original equipment manufacturer (OEM) alternatives. However, are they as good as their OEM counterparts, and what advantages do they really offer for printer owners?

What is Remanufactured Toner?

Many printer owners remain leery of installing remanufactured toner cartridges in their printers, fearing lower quality, less production, and even damage to their high-tech printing machines. Today’s remanufactured toner can put these fears to rest, with manufacturing processes that produce toner equaling the quality of OEM versions.

Knowing the processes involved in creating remanufactured toner helps to clarify why this option improves sustainability while reducing printing costs. Once a toner cartridge has been depleted, instead of discarding the cartridge and adding to environmental issues, toners provider can pick up the empty cartridge for a complete revitalization that eliminates the need to manufacture a completely new product:

  • Cartridges are picked up and transported to the remanufacturing facility
  • Each cartridge is inspected for any damage and quality tested for electronic functions – today’s cartridges include contacts and even smart chips that provide information to the print devices that use them.
  • Acceptable cartridges are then thoroughly cleaned to remove any remaining ink or toner, using specialized equipment that applies high pressure to ensure any residue is removed, then the cartridge is dried in preparation for refilling.
  • Cartridges are filled using machines designed for this purpose, using inks/toners that meet all OEM requirements, and with the volume that provides the same image yield as original cartridges.
  • Each cartridge is tested to ensure quality and performance, then cleaned, packaged in sealed bags, and boxed for shipment.

Questions and answers many businesses have when considering remanufactured toner:

  • Q: Does remanufactured toner work as well as OEM products?
  • A: Yes – remanufactured toner contains the same high-quality ink/toner as original equipment.
  • Q: Will I get the same cartridge life from remanufactured toner?
  • A: Yes, again – users will get the same yield from remanufactured cartridges and the same image quality.
  • Q: How does using remanufactured toner save me money?
  • A: Remanufactured toner is available at prices considerably lower than OEM products.
  • Q: Is my printer warranty affected by using remanufactured toner?
  • A: No – printer manufacturers cannot penalize users or refuse to honor their warranty due to the use of remanufactured cartridges.

How Remanufactured Toner Saves You Money

Choosing remanufactured cartridges for printers can save a great deal of money over time, especially if there are multiple printers in the fleet. One of the largest expenses in operating printers is supplying them with ink/toner. It makes good business sense to avoid the high cost of OEM ink by transitioning to remanufactured toner that provides the same:

  • Image quality
  • Page yield
  • Performance
  • Compatibility with your printers

Remanufactured toner is available for most makes and models of printers, making it a cost-effective alternative to OEM supplies for any business. It is possible to pay less without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Document Management – Your Strategic Business Advantage

Implementing a program that combines managed print and document management makes printing more efficient, saving money on paper and supplies. Document management offers a reduction in paper through transforming paper document creation and storage into digital documents that are easily and securely shared, without the time and expense of paper documents.

Automated workflow integrated into sophisticated document management software routes all documents to the right person at the speed of technology, streamlining business processes, and making the organization more efficient in several ways:

  • Eliminate obsolete and underutilized equipment, replacing it with multifunction devices that reduce costs while increasing sustainability.
  • Implement security practices that require personnel to be present at the printer before documents are printed – no more unauthorized access to confidential documents.
  • Digital transformation – replace stacks of paper documents that can be damaged or misplaced with electronic versions.
  • Faster access to information – indexing of documents makes locating and distributing them to the right employees, customers, or vendors more productive, with no more lost paperwork.

First Phase Data – Your Partner in Sustainability and Managed Print Services

First Phase Data can help your business save money on printer hardware and supplies while increasing productivity and improving document security.

First Phase Data saves our clients money while improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Contact the printing and document management professionals at First Phase Data to discuss how a complete printing assessment can save your Winnipeg, Canada business money with remanufactured toner and managed print services.

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