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Make Life Easier on Your Front Desk: What MPS Can Do

The general administration of a modern office regularly falls to the front desk or reception area. As these resources are the first physical contact a client has with the company, businesses often expect employees to have good customer relationship skills.

However, front desk staff usually do much more than simply sign-in visitors and field incoming calls. The daily workflow for front desk employees may include the management of supplies and stationery, scheduling device maintenance and services, or providing hospitality to visitors. It’s often a thankless job with many unknown tasks which could influence the office’s overall productivity.

Challenges Facing Front Desk Resources on a Daily Basis

Every company’s workflow is unique, but the front desk staff is usually also considered the gatekeepers to the office. Apart from managing the comings and goings of other staff members and visitors, these employees have extra duties to ensure the printing and copying infrastructure remains operational at all times.

If a printer runs out of ink or paper due to other work pressures, the office will suffer productivity losses. Printing operations remain a vital part of every successful business and influence the efficiency of its daily workflows. However, if the office depends on reception staff to maintain the printing fleet, it could add undue pressure to an already strained resource.

Using Managed Print Services to Free Up Front Desk Resources

A Managed Print Services (MPS) solution can free up resources to focus on tasks that are more productive. If the front desk staff manually tracks printing volumes, counts supplies, and monitors ink levels, it adds a lot of overhead to the daily workflow. With an MPS solution, the service provider will take care of all these activities remotely, and resupply happens automatically.

A big concern for front desk employees is that an essential piece of equipment breaks down at a critical time. For modern Multifunction Printers to work reliably, businesses need to ensure regular servicing and maintenance for every device according to the specified duty cycle. An MPS will do this proactively instead of only reacting once something goes wrong.

Additional Office Benefits from Managed Print Services

Apart from freeing up resources, an MPS solution brings additional benefits to the organization. Firstly, it gives the company access to better technology that reduces waste and operates more efficiently. As most organizations still rely heavily on paper documents, an MPS will also ensure the printers and copiers work reliably by conducting the necessary maintenance when required. Furthermore, an MPS can reduce the total cost associated with printing operations by tracking volumes and establishing limits per device or user.

Reducing Print Costs

Many companies lose track of how much printing and copying actually affect the bottom line. The infrastructure procurement cycles usually lead to acquiring different devices as required and over time, the fleet becomes unmanageable for a single resource. By moving towards and Managed Print Services model, the company will regain complete oversight and control over the entire fleet of printers and copiers distributed around the office.

Easier to Scale Operations

As business needs change and evolve, a MPS will work with a company to scale the operations as required. Companies run into budget issues when attempting to scale up operations and handle more incoming work. Managed Print Services establish a single monthly cost for all printing requirements, making it easier to scale a business without spending a lot of money on new equipment and devices. This also means improved budget consistency and provides greater accuracy of forecasted annual expenditures.

More Sustainable Practices and Improved Office Productivity

With newer technologies comes greater sustainability. Modern MFPs use less ink, power, and come with additional eco-efficient settings and features to reduce the total cost of operations. Office productivity solutions can reduce the number of documents printed and an MPS company like First Phase Data will work to find further optimizations for a company’s print fleet. As the print hardware, copiers, and scanners receive regular services when it’s required, the expected lifecycle of the devices also increases.

First Phase Data Provides Managed Print Services in Winnipeg, Canada

Companies in Winnipeg, Canada can leverage First Phase Data’s MPS solutions to streamline the daily workflows and regain complete control over print operations. First Phase Data works with businesses to establish optimized printing policies for the office according to pecific needs. After a comprehensive assessment, First Phase Data will recommend the best solution according to the operational workflows and help businesses become more efficient by using newer technologies such as e-automate. First Phase Data will replenish all ink and toner cartridges automatically before the front desk runs out, enabling key resources to focus on core duties and responsibilities.

To reduce the daily pressures on your front desk staff, request an MPS print assessment from First Phase Data.

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