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Improve Your Transportation Company’s Efficiencies with Document Management

Transport and logistics firms cover large geographical areas, delivering goods to customers and other businesses every day. Ensuring their clients receive their orders on time requires an efficient information management process. One of the key areas where the transportation industry can improve operations is with a Document Management system (DMS). If the company relies on paper documents to drive their business processes, it takes a lot of effort and manual intervention to maintain the company’s work productivity.

An electronic solution makes sure the company can streamline their daily workflows and access essential information quickly. Electronic Document Management systems have evolved into a robust set of technologies that ensure data accuracy during every step of the process. A DMS is no longer just a network repository of digital files; instead, it comes with a host of additional benefits to logistic firms in the transport industry.

Benefits of a Modern Document Management System for Transport Companies in Canada

For transport companies in Canada, a DMS provides them with the opportunity to evaluate their current business processes and establish a formal system for improved productivity. As transportation companies rely on accurate processing of all incoming and outgoing information, a DMS enables them to reduce bottlenecks and quickly find critical information when they need to make their daily decisions. The risk of misplacing a physical document could affect a company’s ability to fulfill orders, causing revenue loss and reputation damage with customers.

Capture and Index Documents Quickly and Easily

A document management solution doesn’t eliminate the use of paper documents. As physical documents will remain a necessary part of operations, a DMS can help capture and index documents using the latest scanning technologies. With a digital copy of the physical document, the company can store their paper files offsite while still having access to the electronic version.

The latest scanning technologies come with advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions. The company can set up a template for their regular documents and extract the information to file the document automatically using its metadata in the DMS. This can help firms in the transportation industry speed up the cycle when processing essential information. A company’s ability to quickly file and retrieve documents affords it a more comprehensive oversight of the entire process.

Streamline Business Processes and Improve Data Accuracy

Every organization relies on data accuracy to keep operations running smoothly. Time spent looking for a misfiled document will cost the business money. Walking documents between desks and departments also take time, making their process inefficient and costly. A Document Management system alleviates the burden of finding and routing information to the right resources every time.

The company can model their existing business processes into electronic workflows. The workflow will route critical information to the required person or department and track all information during the process. As the company can move data through the business quickly and effectively, they reduce unnecessary overheads and increase organizational efficiency. Automated workflows retain a complete audit trail, helping the company investigate issues and establish corrective actions when they detect a deficiency.

Save Money on Operational Overheads and the Cost of Compliance

Reducing the number of paper documents the company uses will decrease the costs of printing and copying tasks. With an electronic repository, the staff has access to their documents on any desktop workstation or mobile device. The latest DMS solutions come with advanced integrations that ensure the company can reduce operational costs and improve work productivity.

Additionally, the cost of demonstrating compliance with federal or local regulations can run quite high when auditing physical systems. The automated workflows retain all information about how documents move through the company and track whoever accessed a document at any time. With this information, demonstrating compliance with information security and data management practices is as simple as running a report.

The added benefit of a DMS is that it can prevent the uncontrolled disclosure of information within the organization. Keeping confidential information private is a challenge for any sized company. A Document Management system will integrate with the company’s active directory to manage its Access Control Model. If any employee should not have access to a specific set of documents, the company can revoke rights on the user, department, or document specific level.

Enhance Your Transportation Industry Business with a DMS from First Phase Data

First Phase Data helps businesses in the transport industry to regain control over their manual work processes using digital solutions like Document Management systems. They work with customers to understand their needs and formulate a solution framework that suits their specific business requirements. First Phase Data helps companies in Canada to streamline their processes, improve work productivity, and achieve greater efficiency with data accuracy.

For more information about First Phase Data’s services and how our Document Management systems can improve your transportation industry company’s business processes in Canada, reach out to one of our friendly agents today.

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