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Oxygen Technical Services Ltd

Providing Canadian Enterprises with Authorized Printer Repair Services

Just like other electromechanical devices, printers and copiers require regular maintenance. If a company’s printer makes weird noises while printing a document, it may raise an eyebrow. Yet if it still produces a page, the same person who looked concerned will quickly forget and go about their daily business. One day, however, it won’t print the document – it’d strain against the dust buildup and worn out rollers, grips, or guides.

Suddenly, everyone in the company suffers. Printers and copiers remain the backbone of an office. Once it fails, the company will need to act quickly to find an authorized repairer. The turnaround times may vary, or the company may have to pay extra for emergency repairs. Staff’s performance will suffer while they wait for the technician. Employees may even exploit this situation and use it as an excuse for not finishing their work on time.

Expert Printer Repair Services from First Phase Data

Keeping printers operational requires technical expertise. While changing the toner cartridge is simple enough, inspecting the internal components require an expert’s eyes. Original Equipment Manufacturers need to authorize technicians to work on their devices, so they don’t void the warranty.

Besides authorized repairs on complete failures, devices also require regular printer maintenance. It could mean cleaning the print heads or removing dust from the internal components. It’s essential to clean the print heads so the device doesn’t use too much ink for a print. Similarly, dust is the worst enemy of an electrical or mechanical device.

Fast Response Times

On average, First Phase Data responds to a callout within four hours. Minimizing disruptions and ensuring excellent customer service is First Phase Data’s primary concern. First Phase Data provides a printer repair service that will keep the company’s print fleet operating reliably.

First Phase Data can repair Lexmark, HP, and Xerox devices with authorized technical experts. In most cases, First Phase Data’s technicians can fix the printer on-site with fast and professional services.

Excellent Remote Support

If employees start hearing weird noises from the machine, they should let First Phase Data know. Using remote support to troubleshoot the issue, First Phase Data will recommend the necessary corrective actions to prevent a molehill from becoming a mountain.

Today’s printers also need software updates. Printer security remains a concern for companies, and First Phase Data can remotely update the devices with the latest patches. To keep printers and copiers running smoothly requires both hardware and software maintenance.

Comprehensive Service Level Agreements

For companies that need additional peace of mind, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with First Phase Data will improve their fleet’s uptime. This will give the company access to expert printer servicing, installation, and maintenance services.

Operating a reliable print fleet will reduce stress on staff by optimizing the devices for reduced downtime. Instead of reacting to issues, an SLA will allow First Phase Data to conduct the necessary preventative maintenance on the devices. First Phase Data wants its customers to succeed, so the company is dedicated to providing fast, efficient, and sustainable printer repair services.

Managed Print Services for Maximum Uptime

Solving the problem of keeping the print fleet running is only the first step to ensuring maximum uptime. Managed Print Services (MPS) will delegate all the responsibility to maintain, service, and supply the company’s printers to First Phase Data. Running out of toner cartridges during a busy time is similarly frustrating to employees as a breakdown. MPS can help solve this issue.

Benefits of MPS for Companies in Canada

Choosing a complete managed service from First Phase Data has additional advantages. The company will regain oversight of its printers and copiers with remote monitoring tools. First Phase Data will assess the organization’s print operations and recommend policies to reduce waste. Once the company has control over their print fleet, they can set usage limits according to their business processes.

The best part of an MPS solution is that it comes at a single monthly cost. Printing budgets can vary during different times of the year, and if there’s a breakdown, things can escalate quickly. A consistent budget will bring calm to the finance department, as they don’t have to scramble to get approvals for expensive device repairs or replacements.

A Reliable Print Partnership with First Phase Data

Since 1983, First Phase Data has partnered with companies in Canada for their office technology and imaging needs. With a team of technical experts and a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction, First Phase Data can provide printer repair services, managed print services, document management, and hardware leasing options. To keep employees tempers from flaring due to failing equipment, let First Phase Data take control over the entire print fleet.

For a fast and reliable printer repair service and dedicated remote support, request an assessment of your print fleet from First Phase Data.

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