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How to Rid Your Office of Clutter with a Document Management System Just in Time for Spring

Thinking about spring cleaning the office? For most organizations, that’s a monumental task. If it’s not the endless cascade of sticky notes gracing every vertical surface, then perhaps it’s the dragon’s horde of printing supplies shoved in some forgotten corner.

Or maybe it’s the cornucopia of documents flowing off the desk all over the floor. Sure, it makes whoever works there look like something of a mad genius. (It might also just be making them mad.)

For something that’s only 0.0039 inches (or a 1/10th of a millimeter) thick, paper sure does pile up spectacularly when there’s a lot of it. Here’s how a document management system can help eliminate paper clutter once and for all – while still leaving employees to feel like geniuses.

7 Ways a Document Management System Can Help Organize the Office

A document management system is a software solution that centralizes and organizes an office’s entire document horde – from capture to archival and destruction. With one, a company enhances its ability to handle its documents swiftly and securely in all scenarios. It can also be used to declutter the office. Here are seven ways it helps.

1. Slay the Filing Pile Once and for All

Was staying on top of the filing pile a New Year’s resolution? It’s time to look into paperless records. A document management system makes digitizing files quick and painless, allowing the company to finally get ahead on that pile atop the filing cabinets. Plus, it makes searching and retrieval infinitely easier. It also eliminates the chance that a document will be misfiled or simply disappear.

2. Spark Joy by Removing the Filing Cabinets Altogether

Why stop at slaying the filing pile? Digitize everything and free up that valuable office real estate for higher-value activities – like embracing minimalism. Most companies have documents they never look at or touch but need to keep on hand – things like employee records, tax documents, or important business information. Digitizing this information not only keeps it secure but makes sure that backups are available even if the original documents are destroyed.

3. Digitize Receipts and Track Expenses Better

Is the accounts payable process currently a desk tray overrun with receipts and invoices? That’s just asking for errors and incorrect payment amounts. Eliminate them by leveraging a document management system and keep track of every penny that flows through the business.

4. Accelerate Document Processes with a Centralized System

It’s not just paper clutter that paper-based document processes create. They also create electronic clutter as offices adopt more and more devices to handle them. To support its paper processes, an office might need a separate printer, scanner, fax machine, photocopier, flash drives, external hard drives, and more. In contrast, a document management system can leverage cloud technology to centralize a system and make it securely accessible from whatever device is at hand.

5. Improve Office Security Without Shredding

A robust document management system leverages the latest in computer security. The same can’t be said about the shredding pile. Not only does sensitive information sit there just waiting to walk off, but it’s easy for the wrong piece of paper to get shuffled in with the rest. That can mean chaos if the information exists nowhere else.

6. Embrace Automation for More Efficiency

How does an office work faster, better, and more efficiently? By working smarter. With a document management system, it’s much easier to leverage sophisticated technology like automation and artificial intelligence. In fact, a document management system is critical for embracing business process automation – something that 96 percent of businesses believe improves business operations altogether.

7. Transmit Documents Securely – No Sticky Notes Required

Document management systems handle a document across its entire lifecycle, and that includes when it’s transmitted to another person. In the era of cybercrime, it’s unacceptable to pass files between colleagues and clients as email attachments. It’s even more unacceptable to write down passwords or send them in plain text. Counter these habits by providing employees a means to transmit documents and sensitive information securely – no sticky notes required.

Spring Clean with First Phase Data

Companies still operating at paper speed risk falling behind. As the world moves faster and creates more data, the most successful companies will not only keep up but adeptly leverage the data around them to make informed decisions. So, get started spring cleaning the office and get rid of more than just the piles of paper. Eliminate outdated processes with a document management system, too.

First Phase Data helps companies achieve operational efficiency by empowering them with the tools they need to succeed. Check out our document management solutions to get started updating your paper processes.

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