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Helping an E-Commerce Distributor Save Money with the Perfect Barcode Printer

First Phase Data remains dedicated to providing our customers with successful outcomes for all their imaging requirements. In the distribution sector, where the fast and efficient processing of information is vital, this can be challenging. Barcodes enable distribution and warehouse companies to identify packages and products during every step of the supply chain.

The sheer volume of printing required in a warehouse or distribution centre makes the selection of the printers and materials used to produce barcodes a strategic decision. First Phase Data recently assisted a company with its transition to a more cost-effective and efficient barcode printing solution. Here’s how we brought a successful outcome to a distribution centre in Winnipeg, MB.

The Company

The customer is an e-commerce distributor who ships products across Canada. While e-commerce provides greater convenience to consumers, ensuring the entire process from order to delivery runs smoothly can stretch the capabilities of even the biggest companies. Every order fulfilment depends on a sequence of technologies working in lock-step to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The Environment

As the client operated a shipping and distribution centre, they relied on barcode printers to produce physical identification labels to track all their packages. Until now, they had used a Brother QL820 label printer. It’s a versatile and efficient platform, capable of producing up to 110 labels per minute in crisp black and red colours.

The Brother QL820 also has an easy-to-read monochrome LCD and can connect to the company’s network via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Bluetooth®. Using this platform, the distribution centre produced more than 1 million labels every year at the cost of just more than 8 cents per label. Considering the volumes and costs per label, any improvement in their label production process would have a significant impact on their bottom line.

The Challenge

E-commerce continues to grow around the world, and in Canada, the industry is now a vital part of many people’s lives. Revenues from e-commerce retailers in Canada amounted to $25.4 billion by late 2019. More than 28 million Canadians made an e-commerce purchase in the same year. To keep up with growing demand and find new efficiencies, the company wanted to review its label production processes and find a way to reduce the costs of printing their barcode labels.

The Analysis

The company reached out to First Phase Data to help with the review of their printing processes. Working together to do an in-depth analysis of their current workflows and printing solutions, First Phase Data could understand their unique needs. By focusing on how the company worked every day, First Phase Data, along with the customer’s representatives, could start formulating a plan.

The Solution

First Phase Data used the information collected in the analysis stage to look for opportunities where they could save money. Due to the number of labels required by the customer, First Phase Data recognized that reducing the cost-per-label would be the most effective way to achieve their goals. First Phase Data recommended upgrading their label devices with two robust Zebra ZT230 industrial barcode printers.

The platform has lots of additional optional features available, including software integration capabilities to connect it to existing information management systems. With support for XML communications, the Zebra ZT230 also helps lower customization and programming costs. The multiline graphic LCD screen and an easy-to-use keypad provide an intuitive user interface.

For the distribution company, one of the biggest benefits of selecting these label printers from Zebra Technologies was the reduced cost to produce their barcodes. From an average cost of just over 8 cents per label, the company could now produce the new Zebra labels for under a penny per print.

The Result

A successful outcome depended on working together to find an optimized solution that still served the companies needs and production requirements. As cost savings was the primary goal for the customer, reducing the cost-per-label to just under 1 cent was a massive achievement. Compared to the previous printers, switching to the Zebra technologies enabled them to save 85% of their print production costs, which amounts to approximately $80,000 per year.

Finding Optimized Outcomes with Modern Technologies and First Phase Data

At First Phase Data, we understand that customers need expert advice that helps them achieve real efficiency gains in their imaging workflows. For any kind of industry or market, First Phase Data has the technical expertise to help optimize operations and find ways to streamline their processes. First Phase Data uses our partnerships with the latest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to deliver innovative solutions that make a difference to our customer’s bottom line. Whether it’s print management, consumables, and supplies, or sourcing more efficient technologies, First Phase Data can help.

For more information on how First Phase Data can help improve the distribution and shipping processes at your company, contact one of our friendly analysts today.

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