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Thermal Printing Blazes a Trail Across Industries

Industries as diverse as healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, and even e-commerce are finding new ways to optimize workflows, track products and services, and ensure client and facility safety using barcoding technologies.

Even small businesses can benefit from barcodes to help them track inventory, reduce manual entry data errors, and provide a faster, more efficient customer experience.

In hospitals, a barcoding system merged with clinical workflow can reduce clinical and diagnostic errors, speed client treatment, and minimize staff frustration.

Alongside the growth in barcode usage and other technologies like RFID tracking, thermal printers are seeing explosive market growth as one of the fastest, most accurate tools for creating these useful codes.

The thermal printer market is expecting to achieve a more than 7% increase through 2026 as more companies access barcoding and other tracking technologies.

Managing Business Processes with Thermal Printing Technologies

No matter what industry you are a part of, thermal printing technologies can help you work faster and smarter with a high level of cost-efficiency. Thermal printers often outpace standard technologies in a variety of business-forward ways.

Here’s how:

  1. Exceptional Cost-Effectiveness

Thermal printers use heat to transfer images to media, making them a completely inkless technology. Removing ink and toner from the printing equation allows businesses to save vast amounts of money on printing supplies — and eliminates the possibility of running out of ink or toner at the wrong moment.

With businesses spending up to $92 a month on office supplies and digital options reducing these costs, thermal printers can reduce print budgets by a substantial amount.

Reducing dependence on ink and toner is also good for the environment, allowing your business to stand firm on sustainability. And since many consumers prefer brands that focus on sustainable practices, owning a thermal printer can help you build — and retain — customer loyalty.

  1. Incredible Speed, Accuracy, and Reliability for High Productivity

With printers that use standard ink and toner, it takes time to lay the ink on each page. Since the ink is not a factor with thermal printing, images can be printed in a fraction of the time, allowing for enhanced productivity, better customer response times, and more goods sold and tasks accomplished.

High-quality thermal printers feature precise registration and high-DPI capacities for crisp, clear printing on labels of all sizes and media. They are built to withstanding demanding and harsh conditions without failure, reducing costly downtime episodes.

Today’s thermal printers are exceedingly user-friendly and feature advanced connectivity options along with security controls such as device management and privacy control options. They have onboard sensors and diagnostics to keep integration, maintenance, and troubleshooting easy and intuitive and performance level high.

  1. Future-Ready for Enhanced Applications

Today’s thermal printers are adaptable to allow your business to keep up as technologies and procedures evolve. Many features highly precise registration for printing barcodes and labels of all sizes — even micro labels (as small as 3mm high) and labels on metal tags to endure the harshest conditions.

Adaptable designs can handle enhanced communications and compatibility with advancing software, updates, and reconfigurations on an as-needed basis, and versatile media types of maximum usefulness in the workplace.

Many are already equipped with RFID encoding capabilities or offer the option of after purchase installation. Media handling options are also customizable, to make thermal printing a possibility for all industries.

First Phase Data Can Help Your Business Get Started with Thermal Printing

At First Phase Data, we understand the complex printing needs of many industries — from manufacturing and retail to healthcare, education, legal, and more.

Our team of print specialists has helped numerous small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) assess their business needs and realize a finely tuned print environment that is designed for productivity, competitive advantage, and cost-effectiveness.

We’ve partnered with Zebra Solutions, a leader in the thermal printing technology industry, to bring your business access to the widest variety of thermal printers. From simple applications to complex, industry-specific tasks, Zebra’s thermal printers can help your business optimize workflows, keep track of inventories or crucial data, and give your business a competitive edge.

Learn how thermal printers can help your business thrive. Contact First Phase Data today and let our team help you meet your business goals with the right thermal printer.

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