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Document Management for the Remote Workforce

As the ongoing COVID-19 crisis continues to affect our health — and the health of our economy — more businesses are searching for ways to optimize business processes while responding to shifts in operation necessitated by the virus.

One of the most sweeping changes — a move across all industries to a work from home environment — has caused companies to reevaluate how they do business in order to maintain a competitive stance.

Now, it’s looking like a remote workforce is a long-term solution, as more companies see the significant benefits of having a work from home staff, including fewer expenditures on costly real estate and a happier, safer, and more productive environment for employees.

Still, there are things to consider when ensuring your remote staff can complete their tasks efficiently and effectively. For example, digital collaboration and document sharing are on the increase when staff is remotely located.

That means businesses must find ways for staff to collaborate in real-time with minimal effort, but with an eye toward data security and reducing errors that can arise when multiple people are sharing, editing, and accessing the same documents.

How Document Management Facilitates Digital Collaboration

A strong document management system (DMS) can assist your business in creating an intuitive, easy-to-use collaborative interface to keep your remote workforce productive.

Here are the top ways a DMS can power your workforce to do more, no matter where they are located.

  1. Enhanced Collaboration for Better Workflows

Your DMS will create a secure home for all your business documents, from correspondence and proposals to marketing collateral, invoices, and even employee or client records.

Managing this stream of information can be difficult, particularly if it exists on both paper and digital channels. A DMS can digitize, sort, store, and share documents to reduce paper dependence and make information accessible to all your staff with a need — and permission — to access it.

A DMS provides a one-stop access point for the lifecycle of your documents, reducing misplaced files, the accidental storage of multiple copies of the same document, or accidental overwriting of an important file.

Time-consuming paper filing not conducive to a digital workplace is replaced with easy-to-find digital files that are accessed through a variety of intuitive methods — by keyword, date, project, name, and more.

Your DMS will integrate easily with popular business applications like Google, Microsoft, and other pertinent software for ease of use and enhanced productivity, allowing remote employees to collaborate as easily as if they were located in an office next door.

  1. Serious Security for Current Threats and Better Compliance

Handling sensitive data can put your business at risk if it is not properly protected. A DMS will give you control over who has access to your files and when. Each employee or department can be given the right degree of permission for access, which can be easily modified as employees change positions, move locations, or even leave the company.

A DMS provides an electronic record of all changes to documents, including version control and edit history so you can track how your data is being used — and by whom.

And for companies that must remain compliant with federal, state, or other data security regulations, a DMS can ensure your business is compliant through the deployment of security protocols, reducing your risk of fines or legal entanglements.

First Phase Data Can Help You Coordinate Your Digital Environment

At First Phase Data, we provide next-level document management systems with features that help you manage your business documents quickly, easily, and securely to support your remote staff — and those employees still working in-house.

With digital collaboration growing, a robust document management platform is a necessity to keep your employees productive and your margin of error low.

We’ve partnered with ELO document management solutions to bring you state-of-the-art DMS technologies for better-optimized workflows and integration that dovetails with your current systems for a smoother transition to a digital workplace.

ELOprofessional puts the world of digital collaboration at your fingertips, providing a number of useful functions to enable collaboration, secure your digital environment, and keep your business thriving — even in a post-COVID environment.

Help your work from home staff reach new levels of productivity and collaboration. Contact First Phase Data today and let our document management experts assess your needs and create a digital environment that helps your business thrive.

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