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Streamline Warehousing and Distribution with Thermal Barcode Printers

About one in three global suppliers are unable to maintain full-level operability as the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause staff shortages and work slowdowns around the world.

This supply and labor shortfall has affected every business along the supply chain. And from warehousing and distribution facilities to the businesses they serve, smart companies are looking to realign their operations to meet these short- and potentially long-term economic challenges.

Although the year has been tumultuous for many warehousing and distribution centers, the market is surprisingly well-positioned to weather the continuing storm of virus-related challenges, specifically due to some well-placed resilience in the area of logistics.

To keep their strong place in a flagging economy, warehouse facilities and their kin are relying on business software packages and technologies that assist with materials management, resource planning, production control, and visibility applications for the supply chain.

To work effectively, these tools rely on data collected in real-time and identification protocols that help optimize the most critical elements of a successful distribution center — productivity, processes, and profits.

That is where innovative and cost-effective thermal barcode printers have emerged as a true asset to the industry.

Thermal barcode printers provide an efficient way to track, identify, and retrieve the kind of real-time data that can aid in streamlining processes for increased profitability.

Using Thermal Barcode Printers to Optimize Business Processes

Thermal barcode printers are a deceptively simple, low-cost tool that can revolutionize your warehouse operations. Using thermal printing, barcode printers use heat-sensitive media or ribbon for rapid printing of high-quality barcode symbols, text, or graphics.

Barcoding assists in streamlining operations in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Automated Distribution

Barcoding works with your warehouse management system (WMS) to track, direct, and optimize every transaction.

Data from barcoding allows warehouse employees to plan efficient pick paths to achieve rapid, accurate shipping; increases picking speed by overriding discrete picking and migrating to a batched process to handle multiple orders at once; and ensures picking accuracy for fewer returns and increased customer satisfaction.

  1. Managing Asset Inventory

Barcoding eliminates manual data entry, reducing the impact of human error through lost products, incorrect data counts, and miscalculated product numbers. Barcodes are scanned in seconds to easily check assets in and out and can integrate with your asset management for trackable data.


  1. Return and Order Management

Barcoding with a unique identifier for each product reduces inventory complexity and allows you to keep tabs on per-stock-unit data from receipt or manufacture of product to shipping.

With this information permanently recorded, orders are more likely to be picked and shipped correctly, reducing the number of returns and the costs associated with them. In the event a return is necessary, barcoding data ensures that returns are simple — especially in the event of product recalls.

An uncomplicated return process not only reduces the possibility of staff frustration, it increases customer or end-user satisfaction, resulting in increased trust and loyalty, more and better positive reviews, and return business that drives revenue.

Get the Latest Barcoding Technology from First Phase Data

At First Phase Data, we understand the complexities and challenges faced by today’s warehouse and distribution facilities, particularly in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

That is why we have partnered with Zebra, an industry leader in barcoding and RFID technologies. Zebra’s range of industrial thermal barcode printers combine high performance and rugged durability to help increase efficiency, productivity, and profit in your business.

Depending on the model, these printers can be used to streamline a variety of processes, including:

  • order picking and packing
  • cross-docking
  • work-in-process (WIP) tracking
  • receiving
  • identification and serial number assignment
  • compliance labeling
  • back of store operations
  • order labeling
  • reverse logistics
  • asset and inventory management
  • quality control
  • information labeling

With this wide array of applications, it is easy to see how quickly deploying easy-to-use thermal barcode printers with your current warehouse management applications will result in faster, more accurate, and more efficient workflows in any distribution environment.

Now is the time to deploy new technologies to take your place ahead of the competition. Contact First Phase Data today and let our team of print experts help you choose the right thermal printing option for your warehouse or distribution center.

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