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Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the Unknown

This Post is part of a 4-part series on Cyber Security.


As organizations of all sizes become more and more cognizant of the role that cyber security plays in the protection of a core company asset, data, the more they realize that they don’t understand what it is to “mitigate risk.” Many businesses fall in the SMB market, they understand that they are a potential target, but not necessarily how they are a target.


An Oxygen client who is in the food manufacturing industry knew they were a potential target for industrial espionage, it wasn’t a matter of if, it was a matter of when. The biggest challenge was understanding what their threat vectors were and how they could mitigate exposure. There was a fear of what could happen if there was a data breach.


Oxygen in partnership with Cisco, ran our third-party tools, as well as a Security Posture Review. The initial reports provided us with our baseline report. In conjunction with running these services, we also deployed our Cyber Security platform to the environment, this included email security, Umbrella, and Stealthwatch Cloud.


By running the reports we were able to create a baseline and do remediation on existing issues. By deploying the Cisco platforms, we were then able to monitor for any suspect activity on their platforms. We were able to plug existing holes, see where any future exposure may come up, and apply the Cisco platforms to mitigate future risk.

Next Steps

Now that we have our baseline, and the cyber security platforms in place, we are able to activity monitor for any suspicious activity, real time, and we now have a cadence of running an SPR on a quarterly basis, to measure against our baseline reports from “Day 0.”

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