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How to Win at Retail Shopping in the Era of COVID-19

The tiny novel coronavirus has sparked massive changes in consumer behavior — changes that have far-reaching consequences for retailers, grocery stores, and many other businesses.

In general, the retail landscape is in a state of constant flux as businesses scramble to keep pace with consumer buying trends and a new era of health and safety concerns.

Businesses can no longer function with weak marketing, customer service, or pricing strategies, as the pandemic has opened a wide divide between strong and faltering businesses.

To stay successful as the pandemic continues, businesses will need to leverage many different approaches that can take aim at the evolving consumer mindset, generate cost efficiencies, and maximize productivity.

COVID-Era Retail Shopping — Great Strategies for Business Success

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), retailers, grocery stores — just about any business still operating in today’s post-COVID environment needs to act quickly to conform to the “new normal” of retail shopping.

With Holiday 2020 shopping right around the corner, smart companies are activating new strategies that will make the most of lean resources and give their customers the confidence to continue shopping — and spending.

Here are few best practices to help your business stay competitive.

  1. Focus on Social Distancing, Health, and Safety

In a recent statement, coronavirus expert Dr. Fauci has pointed out that social distancing and mask wearing will most likely be necessary until the latter half of 2021.

Companies that want to foster a sense of trust with their customer base should think about providing clear, appropriate signage inside — and outside — of shopping spaces.

Investing in a wide-format printer can give companies an edge by allowing oversized printing on a number of media to easily generate floor stickers, window decals, banners, and other signage to clearly outline store policies relating to health and safety.

As rules and strategies change, new signage can be printed cost-effectively on the spot to keep customers and staff as safe as possible.

  1. Consider Customer Conveniences

Customers might be shopping differently, but they are still interested in good service and access to convenience.

Curbside pickup of items allows buyers to get what they want without the potential health risks of shopping in-store. This offering can help your brand get more exposure, as 65% of buyers opted to try out new brands once lockdown orders went into place.

To get the most out of your curbside service, make sure you brand the experience with custom signage that ties into your current promotions as well as your online and brick-and-mortar presence.

If you have already purchased a wide-format printer to help with in-store signage, you can simply create matching outdoor signage using weatherproof media.

  1. Work Smarter and Cost-Effectively with Outsourcing

Finally, make the most of your in-house resources by using them where they are needed — serving customers and increasing productivity and efficiency.

A Managed IT services provider can take the lead role in helping your team get started with contactless payment options, an e-commerce site to dovetail with your brick-and-mortar location, or creating a curbside ordering and pickup system that keeps customers happy.

Additionally, outsourcing your IT needs frees up in-house staff to focus on more mission critical tasks such as offering outstanding customer service or ensuring inventory is up to date for fast order fulfillment.

A Managed IT environment provides increased security for payments, ordering, and day-to-day tasks while optimizing your equipment to promote better use of existing resources.

Check Out How First Phase Data Can Help Your Business Thrive

At First Phase Data, we take a keen interest in the needs of our clients — and that means staying on the cutting edge of new strategies to help local businesses cope with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

While we know it has been difficult, we have curated a host of products and services that we know can make a real and positive difference in the way you do business.

From state-of-the-art printers and office equipment to keep your branding and signage on-point to expert level Managed IT, Managed Print, and Document Management guidance, First Phase has everything you need to prepare for a successful new year.

Implement new strategies to keep your business COVID-proof. Contact First Phase Data today and find out how our selection of products and services can help your business thrive.

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