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A Perfect Chemistry Wrap Up

Well… after three webinars spanning four weeks, with over 200 attendees, presented by three unique speakers, focused on one critical aspect of cyber security – the human firewall, we at Oxygen Technologies can say…that was fun, enlightening, and interesting.

When we came up with the idea of doing a series of webinars on cyber security, we decided that we did not want to focus on platforms or solutions. We are inundated with speeds and feeds, and different products that are supposed to help solve all kinds of problems. However, we forget that the concept around cyber security is very personal. Nobody wants to admit that they clicked the wrong link, or were potentially a victim of spear phishing attack, but at the end of the day we saw value in getting a message out that we need to spend more time in educating our users, as they are a primary attack surface.

Our first webinar on May 20th was presented by Cisco, with Paul Coderre, CYBER SECURITY PARTNER MANAGER at Cisco, as the keynote speaker. Paul provided a great overview of how Cisco has focused on the human firewall from providing solutions that take the remote worker into account and providing protection on the “East West” axis as well as the traditional “North South” axis. With over 60 attendees, we were pleasantly surprised with the level of interest in part one of our series.

Our 2nd webinar was with Brett Scott, Director, Security Enablement and Training with Tech Data, the largest IT distributor in the world. Brett brought a real-world perspective, from someone who has actively engaged the bad actors – and providing an insight into cyber security that is typically unreachable. The Q&A session provided the opportunity to ask questions of an advanced nature, that really delved into the global landscape of who we need to be worried about, and how we are all targets. The 2nd webinar also attracted over 60 attendees, leading us to believe that, yep, we are onto something here.

The 3rd and final webinar was presented by Kaspersky, with Chris Davis, Sales Engineer with Kaspersky as our speaker. Chris jumped right into the topic of the human firewall and reinforced the vulnerabilities our users presented as a leading threat vector. The most interesting part of the discussion was around the Q&A where Chris was able to provide an intimate perspective of the current threat landscape. The final webinar was a global success, with participation from attendees from all over the world. The webinar attracted over 80 attendees for a total over the three webinars exceeding 200 and exceeding our expectations.

If anyone is curious about the content, or wants to watch the recordings of the three webinars, please visit our website: A Perfect Chemistry Event – Oxygen Technical Services Ltd (oxygentechnologies.ca)

And finally if you’re curious about Oxygen’s Cyber Security strategy, and our rebate program, take a look by clicking this link: Cyber Security Rebate Program – Oxygen Technologies (oxygentechnologies.ca)

Thanks for your interest, and look out for our next set of blogs, and webinars coming throughout the summer, and into the fall!

The Team at Oxygen Technologies

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