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Catching the Threat, Securing your World, a Perfect Chemistry Event

On October 12th 2021 Oxygen, in partnership with VEEAM presented a webinar focusing on a number of different strategies we can all take to help “secure our world.” This webinar was well timed since October is Cyber Awareness month. In past webinars, Oxygen has brought on industry experts that focused on one or two key strategies, typically around a specific platform, IE Cisco, or Kaspersky. With our latest webinar we took a different approach where we asked a vendor, Veeam, who provides solutions around a specific strategy – data resiliency, disaster recovery, and business continuity, to discuss broad based strategies, from the human firewall, to protecting your data, to platforms that will provide off the shelf restore processes. The cool part is how they discussed, very specifically how their platforms integrate with other partners that we use to create a true cyber security ecosystem, or as our presenter Blake from Veeam so aptly described, we peeled back the layers of the Bloomin’ Onion. I’d like to share some of my own takeaways…point form of course!

  • Ransomware is a $200 Billion industry – only a few years ago it was a $600 Million dollar industry, it is rapidly expanding, to secure our world, we need to be adapting as quickly as the bad actors.
  • It doesn’t matter which vendor or manufacturer you talk to, the concept of the Human Firewall is the starting point for any cyber defense strategy.
  • 3,2,1 Rule – Imperative backup strategy for any organization to make sure their data is protected:
    • Three copies of data IE – the stuff on your servers, a local backup – this should be to a different medium, or file structure, and finally to an off site, or segmented network.
    • Two different types of media – IE HDD or traditional storage, tape, or another HDD medium.
    • One different network – this is “air gap.”
  • Oxygen’s Cloud Connect Solution, by default achieves the 3,2,1 Rule.
  • Don’t use the domain administrator account!!!!
  • Pick cyber security vendors who natively integrate with each other, the ability to aggregate the data from your different data points, allows you to make intelligent decisions around your IT systems.
  • In partnership with Veeam, Oxygen can help you deploy Sure Backup, which can automate your Test Restore process, or Secure Restore, which will spin up your backed up data, so if you are restoring from a situation of corrupted data, it will restore into a sandbox, so you can test data access without reinfecting your environment.

These are just a few snapshots from the webinar, I encourage you to take 30 minutes and see what more Blake has to say about how you can Secure Your World, just visit this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4my6wl6d097pkwp/Recording.mp4?dl=0 And of course, if you have any questions, please reach out to sales@oxygentechnical.com

If anyone is curious about additional content from our Perfect Chemistry series, please visit our website: A Perfect Chemistry Event – Oxygen Technical Services Ltd (oxygentechnologies.ca)

Thanks for your interest, and look out for our next set of blogs, and webinars coming throughout the summer, and into the fall!

The Team at Oxygen Technologies

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