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Welcome to DX

For the next several weeks I’m going to talk about Digital Transformation, trying to shake some of the fog that, what seems to be a marketing term, can be created with the multiple definitions and descriptions it creates.

At Oxygen, we have implemented Digital Transformation, in fact when we take clients, or prospective clients on tours of our office, we discuss the exact process we took, as we moved from IT Transformation, where we focused on making technology as efficient as possible, to Digital Transformation, were we focused on making technology as Effective as possible.  I’d like to share a slide from TechData, now TD Synnex, from a presentation that really laid the groundwork for me personally as I tried to reconcile the legitimacy of the concept of Digital Transformation:

So, as we get ready to kick off this journey, I want to focus on three things as it relates to DX and leave with you a couple nuggets to munch on.

The Problem:

  • Companies and organizations can wind up spending a lot of money trying to turn themselves into digital orchestrators of some new ecosystem, only to fall flat on there face, this creates fear, and hesitation to move.

Why It Happens:

  • CEO’s, owners, Executive Directors belive that threats presented by competitors are either existential digital disruptors, or traditional peers “down the street” requiring them to implement a gigantic model-busting responses, hence a failure to act.  A “I’d rather dance with the devil I know” mentality.

The Solution:

  • Be incremental, but intentional with your change.  Look to fix problems with digital technology, don’t worry, through this journey I will give you examples, but you need to exploit your rich knowledge of your existing data, the data that talks about your clients, operational capabilities, and your talent pool, to start to build a new business model.

Digital Transformation isn’t about deciding whether you need an Azure Server vs an AWS, whether you need to buy a server to run a workload, or if your existing infrastructure will support the additional IOPS, this IT Transformation.  DX goes beyond this, and we will look at how your business or organization can start to plan for it, and you maybe pleasantly surprised that you have started a DX, and we just need to rationalize it, and plan for future expansion.

My leave behind to you is, when you talk to about budget, do you involve your IT team?  When you talk about growth initiatives, or new platforms you are looking to implement, do you involve your IT team?  When your marketing team gets together, do you involve your IT Team?  These are the first steps in aligning your digital strategy with DX.  As the picture above says, Efficiency is doing things right, but Effectiveness is doing the right things.

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