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Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealerships

Oxygen Technologies helps auto dealerships utilize new technology the way their vehicles do. Customers want efficient and eco-friendly experiences. Delivering this experience can also help businesses to improve their operation.

The auto industry is one of the most rapidly changing industries in the world. On the lot, vehicles are jam packed with the hottest new technology, they sport the latest design trends, and boast a suite of exciting features for vehicle buyers to choose from. However, inside the dealership, it’s often business as usual when it comes to managing workflows.

Between sales contracts, service orders, and invoices, auto dealerships work with a lot of paperwork that can be costly and lead to filing or organization challenges. How can auto dealerships take a technology first approach to their business and draw some inspiration from the exciting vehicles sitting on the lot?

Improve Printing Efficiency

Vehicles are becoming more efficient every year to meet the new demands of vehicle buyers. Dealerships need to also begin taking steps when it comes to their own efficiency if they wish to lower costs and improve the customer experience after the test drive is over. One way to do this is to examine printing efficiency and identify areas of improvement.

When looking at dealerships, many of these operations have been working in the community for decades. Some have been passed down from one generation to the next and are well-respected family businesses. However, while the name on the outside of the dealership may be timeless, the technology inside is not. Many auto dealerships rely on outdated printers that lack efficiency-improving features like scanning to cloud storage or getting digital signatures on documents that come standard in the newest models.

As a result, dealerships still do a majority of their work with pen and paper. This is a costly expense that can be immediately rectified. Oxygen Technologies can do a complete print analysis to identify wasteful printing practices and suggest improvements.

Simplify the Printer Fleet

As businesses grow, their technology fleet must grow as well. What ultimately ends up happening in many businesses is that there is a wide range of printer models and brands deployed in a single location. As a result, a number of different service providers and supply orders must be used. Not only is this confusing in some cases, it can also be incredibly inefficient and costly.

With a complete print analysis, auto dealerships can identify models that no longer serve the purpose they once did and replace them with modern, efficient devices that will pay off now and in the long run. Plus, with a simplified service and supply ordering process, administration staff can spend less time taking care of printer fleets and more time focusing on the customer experience.

Transition to Digital Documents

Even the most organized finance managers in the auto dealership world tend to have stacks of sales contracts, warranty files, and financial information stored in their office. Every page that is printed costs the business money and, in addition, paper file storage can lead to security risks with loss or theft.

From the customer point of view, dealing with paper contracts is inefficient and unnecessary. Many customers walk out of the dealership with their sales package, file it away at home, and can’t find it in the future when they need to. Instead, customers would rather have digital files on-hand that they can save and review whenever they wish.

This is also true for prospective customers who have not made a purchase yet. Proposals and model information can be digitally delivered to help customers stay organized. For the business, this means improved efficiency and reduced costs. For the customer, digital documents can create a much more organized and pleasant experience.

To learn more about a print assessment and managed print services specifically designed with auto dealerships in mind, please contact Oxygen Technologies Print Division.