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Cyber Security Rebate Program

Cyber Security Rebate Program

Cyber Security Ecosystem

Oxygen Technologies has created a comprehensive Cyber Security Eco System built on the belief that the focus should be on your people, not just on the tools necessary to secure your network. Following the National Institute of Standard & Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity framework, we have built out a series of processes to layer on top of our security toolkit to provide an eco system usually reserved for large enterprise in to the SMB market.

Cyber Security Rebate Program

Oxygen rewards our clients who make the investment in our full Cyber Security Eco System. Based on a comprehensive assessment by our team, we recommend the following tools and processes be implemented to protect both your network, and especially your staff from cyber threats:

Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover
Security Posture Reviews

A comprehensive review, performed by our Cyber Security Team on a quarterly basis

Security Awareness Training

A subscription-based service that provides a comprehensive training program for staff, including phishing campaign, awareness training and more

Network Protection Services

A Firewall at all locations with active support subscriptions
Cisco Secure Network Analytics
Cloud Backup solution

End User Protection Services

Multi-Factor Authentication

Based on subscribing to all of the above services, plus successfully participating in and completing the recommended activities, Oxygen will provide an 8% rebate on every dollar spent on these tools and activities.

Join us for our webinar where we discuss our Cyber Security Program:

May 20th – a roundtable discussion with Paul Coderre of Cisco

Read more and register here

June 3rd – the current state of Cyber Security with Brett Scott of Tech Data

Read more and register here

June 17th – a deep dive on the Human Firewall user with Chris Davis of Kaspersky:

More info coming

Please contact us for more details:

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