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Cyber Security Videos

Cyber Security Videos

Internet Insecurity

It seems people in the IT Space are either 100% engaged on cyber security, or 100% disengaged and take the adage of either that’s someone else’s problem, or it won’t happen to me.  I’m not here to change anyone’s mind, I just want to state some facts and provide a simple strategy that can act as a starting point for your business or organization.

Why are Organizations Slow to Act?

So, why don’t businesses or organizations deal with their Cyber Security posture more quickly, or even at all.  It’s startling when just 38% of business owners, or directors reported having a high level of concern about cybersecurity risks, and even a smaller proportion said they were prepared for the risks. 

What Can Be Done About User Risk?

You’ve heard the stats, but I’ll repeat it – over 90% of all breaches are because of a user opening an attachment or clicking a link.  Investing a lot of time and money into security technology can make companies or organizations feel safe, but the major threat to organizations cyber security aren’t technological they’re human shortcomings.

Back on the Road

So, I finally got back on the road a couple weeks back, traveling to Dallas/Fort Worth for The Channel Co. Xchange Solutions Provider Conference at the Gaylord Texan Resort. As a Canadian I really enjoy these conferences, the technology we get to see is usually 12 to 18 months ahead of what we will see or have access to in Canada. There are several reasons for that, privacy issues, data sovereignty challenges, access through distributors, regardless, we get a head start by taking part in conferences like this.

Avoidable Mistakes After a Data Breach

When executives, business owners, or decision makers flub their response to a breach, they can magnify and extend the damage to their customers, their organizations, and even to their own reputation.   

Time to Sum Up Cyber Security

Take a watch as we close out our series on Cyber Security.