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Digital Manitoba Initiative

Digital Manitoba Initiative

The Manitoba Government is offering a $15 Million grant program called the Digital Manitoba Initiative.

We would like to take a few moments to provide some concise information on how it could apply to your company.

What is it?

The Digital Manitoba Initiative will invest $15 Million into the digital adaptation and development of registered Manitoba businesses through two funding programs: TechUP, allocating grants of up to $5,000 for essential asset and system upgrades, and PowerUP, providing a maximum of $25,000 for capacity-building projects.

There is a short QUIZ to help guide you:


Products, Including:

Licensing Fees
Licensing Fees
Social Advertising
Social Advertising

Services, Such As:

IT Consulting Services/Support
IT Consulting Services/Support
Web Development
Web Development
Digital Marketing & Graphic Design
Digital Marketing & Graphic Design
Software Development
Software Development
Training/Professional Development
Training/Professional Development
Assessments & Audits
Assessments & Audits

Ready to Step Up Your Digital Experience?

Let's Find Out What Grant You Should Apply For?

$25000 in PowerUp funds could be used for, but not limited to, projects that involve:
  • Organizational training such as cloud-based systems or cyber security
  • Technological upgrades and support services
  • Upgrades to network-based systems
  • Procurement of technical and/or customer support services
  • Process optimization

Successful Applications to Powerup May Include
(But Are Not Limited To)

Process Adaptation

Process transformation entails modifying the elements of a business’s processes in order to achieve new goals. This may look like:

  • Advancing marketing software and data-gathering capabilities to gain more valuable customer insights and greater personalization in digital experiences
  • Developing branded digital platforms, products and services that meet the needs or adds value to the lives of their cusotmers, known as “digital assets”.
Business Model Adaptation

Established brands should look to models that offer services that wouldn’t be possible without new technology. Examples of new business models may include:

  • Investing in new Intellectual Property and patents to evolve your current product offerings, services and processes. PowerUP funding may be used to offset any legal or licensing fees incurred in your acquisition of Intellectual Property rights.
  • Rebuilding services to be digital-first, like creating branded apps or upgrading POS systems to touchless systems.
Cultural/Organizational Adaptation

Using technology to redesign operational systems can have a massive impact on a business’s capacity to provide better customer experiences. For example, projects may involve (but are not limited to):

  • Automating processes through better suoftware or hardware capabilities that reduce labour, paperwork and redundancies.
  • Making increasingly strategic decisions by investing in data collection and analytical tools, such as Customer Releationship Management (CRM) systems or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software.

The goal of the program is to encourage you to try new things and take the necessary steps towards evolving your business,
ultimately securing the future success not only for you, but also the local economy and community.

What do I need to do?

First you need to Register for an account in either TechUp or PowerUp or both.



To create and register your account, be prepared to provide your…

  1. Manitoba Business Number
  2. Personal and business information
  3. Bank deposit details

Once your account has been approved and you’ve gathered all the necessary documents, you are ready to apply for either program.

What happens when I get approved?

Upon account approval, you’ll be invited to apply for TechUP and grants will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Upon account approval, you’ll be invited to apply for PowerUp you will be asked to provide a Business Case Brief detailing:

  1. Description of the technology challenge you wish to address
  2. Proposed project duration
  3. Proposed objectives
  4. Scope of proposed work
  5. Budget
  6. Expected impact of investment in the project

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