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Leasing and Rental

Leasing and Rental

Oxygen Technologies is a trusted provider for office technology leasing and rental across Canada. Our team of professionals work to understand your needs and help you select the right financing options for your business.

Why Should My Business Lease Office Equipment?

Leasing can be a great decision for offices that need to make strategic investments while keeping cash flow healthy and enables businesses to scale up their resources without having to make large up-front cash investments at the same time.

There are plenty of reasons why your organization may be well-served by a leasing or rental agreement. Leasing offers flexibility and tax benefits that protect businesses against market uncertainty while keeping more cash in-house.

From a cash flow point of view, a flexible lease agreement can help you strategically invest in other parts of your business without having to sacrifice productivity by acquiring less-than-ideal equipment. Increased liquidity makes it possible for you to cover other business needs and deal with emergencies without putting the business at risk.

Rentals are also ideal for short term projects because they require no up-front investment of capital at all. Simply select the devices that you need to generate profit during your peak period and then return it when you’re finished.

Leasing and Rental: the Oxygen Technologies Advantage

Oxygen Technologies team of technology professionals will help you identify the ideal office solution for your needs and put together a lease or rental offer that fits. Our lease agreements include upgrade options to better equipment before the lease is up. This ensures your employees always have access to the best technology on the market. These include:

Flexible Leasing and Rental Terms

We offer both Fair Market Value and Capital Leases, so you can be sure you’re getting the right technology solutions for your business. Both lease types offer tax benefits to business owners and stakeholders, but since leased equipment does not count as a depreciating capital asset, you can write off lease payments as a business expense during tax season. Our lease options are:

Fair Market Value Lease

This lease operates on the fair market value of the equipment. It offers the lowest monthly rate for using office equipment.

Capital Lease

This lease allows you to purchase the equipment for $10 at the end of the lease. This is great for businesses that would otherwise take out a loan to pay for equipment because it keeps your credit lines open for other needs.

Optimize Your Workflow With Flexible Equipment Leasing

We are happy to offer individual device leases and all-inclusive lease packages to our customers. Our leasing and rental team will provide you with a customized quote tailored to fit your financial needs, while equipping your team with the most advanced office equipment available.

With Oxygen Technologies as your technology provider, you can gain access to the best office equipment for your needs with flexible terms. Talk to a leasing specialist today to get started!