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Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing and Distribution

In the manufacturing and distribution industry, there is no simple, one-size-fits-all solutions.

What businesses need is a complete look at their workflow and actionable solutions that can help improve efficiency without disrupting operations.

Operations can often be very hectic in the manufacturing and distribution industries. As a result, businesses need to ensure that its internal organization is optimized to help deliver the best experience for clients while also keeping costs low. This is a big challenge but one that Oxygen Technologies helps many businesses overcome on a regular basis.

Throughout the manufacturing and distribution process, there could be a number of different departments involved. These departments need to communicate effectively and efficiently to ensure that deadlines are met. Thankfully, there are many technology-based tools available to help accomplish this.

Better Document Organization and Access

For clients, the process of ordering from a manufacturer or distributor may seem simple. The order is placed and the product is shipped. However, in the background, a lot of activity is occurring to ensure that the order is fulfilled correctly.

Each business has its own unique system but the general workflow consists of an order being placed, an invoice being generated, an order being prepared, and then the order being shipped. Even in a streamlined operation, this workflow could involve four different departments who all need access to important information regarding the order.

With the right technology in place, order information can automatically be pulled and stored in secure document storage where all interested parties can access the documents required digitally. When the order is ready for shipping, a printed packing/pick slip can automatically be created which is then packed with the order. Instead of human interaction all throughout the process, better document management can automate and streamline the process for the best customer experience.

The Right Solutions

While many manufacturing and distribution businesses may have a similar workflow, each will have unique needs that must be addressed. This means that a cookie cutter solution cannot be implemented and, rather, the right solution for those unique needs must be applied.

With managed print services, the specific requests of businesses can be addressed. This includes document management, printer deployment, automatic fulfillment of supplies, and more. The idea is to implement automation wherever possible and reduce human interaction. This helps to greatly cut down on mistakes as a result of human error and frees up employees to focus on more complicated parts of their jobs rather than administrative work.

As a result of implementing tailored managed print services, businesses can increase efficiency while also reducing costs. Ultimately, this helps businesses become more competitive when trying to earn the business of prospective clients.

Simplified Online Ordering of Supplies

Oxygen Technologies can monitor many of your supplies, like toner cartridges, and replace them automatically. For individual supply needs, Easy Order online ordering gives you a simple, intuitive portal to order the supplies you need.

What this does for businesses is eliminate unnecessary orders due to lack of monitoring or confusion. Departments can simply order supplies as-needed rather than running through a complicated ordering process and system that only lead to frustration and mistakes. With Easyorder, staff can place their order quickly then get back to the most important tasks on their list.

Managed print services, Easyorder, and smart document management solutions are just a few of the services available from Oxygen Technologies. To learn more, contact them today.