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Medical Offices and Pharmacies

Medical Offices and Pharmacies

Some technology providers simply look to sell a specific brand of printer and lack the knowledge or dedication to truly help businesses.

Oxygen Technologies takes a complete look at the needs of every business to develop tailored solutions that can help businesses cut costs, improve efficiency, and deliver better experiences to patients.

Businesses that operate medical offices and pharmacies are subject to some of the most intense regulations of any industry. The data that these businesses handle is incredibly sensitive and patients expect their private medical information is completely. Businesses are responsible for offering the best services to patients through the use of technology.

How can medical offices and pharmacies reconcile these two needs? With the right tools from Oxygen Technologies, businesses can ensure all of their needs are met while also honoring their duty to their patients.

The Right Devices in the Right Places

A lot of different devices are needed to adequately conduct business in medical offices and pharmacies. This includes everything from a standard office printer to a prescription label printer as well as all the supplies needed to keep these devices operating.

With managed print services, businesses can ensure that they have the devices they need to get the job done as well as a simple ordering platform for the many supplies they need. In addition, managed print services can analyze workflows to recommend improvements in device deployment for optimal efficiency and cost reduction.

In some cases, businesses may have a vision of what they want to do but lack the know-how to implement that vision. This is another area where managed print services can help. By assessing and examining the needs of a business, Oxygen Technologies can make the right recommendations for any organization’s unique needs.

Secure Document Management

In any businesses, document management and security are important. For medical offices and pharmacies, the security of patient information is paramount. The trust between a patient and the medical professionals who help them is something that must always be maintained. With secure document management, patients and professionals can trust that information is always secure.

From a business perspective, modern digital document management does more than just improve the security of patient information when compared with paper files. Digital document management also allows for better, faster patient service. For example, a medical office with multiple doctors can ensure that each health professional has instant access to a patient’s medical records. This creates a seamless experience for both the doctor and the patient when interacting.

In the event that another professional needs to become involved in the process, medical records can securely be made available without printing. This eliminates the possibility that physical documents could be lost or stolen and increases the response time for medical professionals as they work together for their patient.

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Complete Control of the Budget

Medical offices and pharmacies have a lot to consider when developing a budget. There is a need for specialized staff and their salaries, there may be specific medical equipment required, and a number of other industry-specific costs. This is, of course, all in addition to the regular costs of doing business. The last thing these businesses need to worry about is the skyrocketing cost of printing.

With the right technology in place, businesses can cut down on print waste and begin automating some of the tasks previously managed by staff. The supplies and amount of time saved can prove to be a huge boost to any business’s bottom line. Staff can focus their attention to other tasks which may help reduce the need to hire additional staff at an increased cost.

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