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Printer Service, Repair & Installation

Printer Service, Repair & Installation

Oxygen Technologies Team of Repair and Installation Technicians Will Take Every Step to Make Sure Your Print Fleet is Operating at Maximum Capacity

Keeping printers and multifunction devices running is a full-time job. In a busy office with multiple devices running concurrently, it can quickly expand
to multiple full-time jobs.

Even businesses with competent, highly trained IT teams eventually need to find authorized technicians to troubleshoot printer problems. Finding authorized solutions for printer service, repair, and installation in Canada is easy when you trust Oxygen Technologies for the service.

Fast Response Times

Our team of technicians make on-site repair calls with an average response time of 4 hours. We are authorized to work on HP, Xerox, and Lexmark devices, resolving even the most difficult of challenges with expertise and professionalism.

Select Oxygen Technologies for Printer Service, Repair, and Installation

We regularly help growing businesses outfit their offices with new print fleets designed to handle variable workloads. The expertise that we bring to the field is instrumental in maintaining your ability to produce high-quality prints quickly and securely, every time.

Service Level Agreements

If print-related problems and equipment downtime are costing your office revenue, Oxygen Technologies offers robust printer service, repair, and installation solutions you can rely on. Our service-level agreements are aligned to meet your business objectives, with preventative maintenance and regular updates for continued device operation – and you can rest easy knowing that our engineers and technicians provides the attention to your print fleet to maintain uptime.

Whether it’s one device or a complete rollout, regardless of location in Canada, our team is ready to help you grow.

Remote Support

Our remote login capabilities make it possible for our team to triage and resolve hardware and software issues on customers’ behalf without having to visit their offices. This significantly reduces the response time of support calls and increases uptime at our customers’ workplaces.

We have developed solutions for remotely addressing the most common printer and multifunction device issues our users experience. Our expertise is crucial to making the most of your print fleet while and making sure that your office is covered in the event of unexpected technical issues.

Our printer repair specialists can help your company reduce downtime and maximize print efficiency. Learn more by contacting us and talking with one of our experts today.