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Printers, Copiers, Wide Format

Printers, Copiers, Wide Format

Purchasing imaging equipment is no small task. Achieving the optimal balance between reliability, cost-savings, and environmental responsibility requires expertise. We help you make the best choice when purchasing print equipment by bringing years of experience to these challenges.

Oxygen Technologies optimizes your office print fleet and streamlines your copiers, printers, and multifunction devices to reduce the cost of document output.

Oxygen Technologies Imaging Equipment Solves Common Business Problems

Print inefficiency is a major cost for small businesses and enterprises alike. Most organizations have to balance a large number of individual users with a varied print fleet, which means leaving room for operational inefficiency to creep in. Streamline your print environment with:

Improved Print Capabilities

Efficient printers, copiers, and multifunction devices cost less to operate. In departments where printing is a necessity, the ability to spend less time and money on a per-page basis is an important cost-saving benefit.

Cost Effective Print Device For the Right Print Volume

A comprehensive print audit can pinpoint the users and departments that need access to the highest-volume print equipment. Well-organized print fleets maximize the effectiveness of high-speed printing for high-volume users.

Streamlined Multifunction Device Deployment

Multifunction devices can streamline complex workflows by consolidating multiple tasks into a single process with a single device. Our technicians at Oxygen Technologies can program multifunction software to automate common tasks, reducing the time it takes employees to complete document processes.

Maximized Uptime with Device Maintenance

With Oxygen Technologies as your imaging partner, you can benefit from preventative maintenance that ensures your print fleet is working perfectly at all times. This maximizes uptime and reduces the risk of device failure during day-to-day operation.

Printer Security For Your Device

The right printers and copiers offer the best in security, and Oxygen Technologies works with HP, Lexmark, and Xerox to insure your devices are secure.

When you work with Oxygen Technologies, you’ll get:


We offer customers a one-stop solution for all office budgets. Choose between original manufacturer consumables and premium remanufactured consumables to get the highest quality prints at the lowest price. Our print analysis capabilities ensure you pay for exactly the level of service you need.


We only market reliable products from trusted global brands. We back all of the products we market with comprehensive customer support – you’ll always get a live person on the phone when you call us for imaging help.

Environmental Responsibility

We encourage green initiatives and invest in improved paper efficiency. With waste recycling programs, paperless invoicing, and Print ReLeaf, we recycled 6.73 tons of waste for our customers in 2018 alone.

The Right Wide Format Technology for Your Production Print Needs

Oxygen Technologies helps customers choose the appropriate wide format printer for their needs. We work with the most respected manufacturer in the wide format industry: HP.

HP brings specific advantages to any wide format equipment purchase. Whether you need to print posters and blueprints or you need to print vinyl, textile, or other non-paper documents, we can find the specific wide format printer for your needs.

  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Printers

    The HP T-series is an excellent starting point for general purpose plotting. These wide-format printers efficiently create highly detailed documents suitable for the workflow and volume of the average architecture, engineering, or construction firm.

  • Media, Marketing, and Design Printers

    Many graphic media firms rely on HP printing for vibrant, photograph-quality large-format documents. With a variety of wide format printers to choose from, HP is an industry standard when it comes to large format color document creation.

Choosing the appropriate wide format printer for your needs requires knowledge, expertise, and experience. Oxygen Technologies print consultants can help you identify the exact print specifications you need to maximize quality while optimizing the efficiency of your large-format workflow.

We also service and maintain the wide format equipment we sell. Our technicians ensure that your blueprints, posters, signs, and CAD renders consistently come out looking their best, while minimizing the risk of downtime and keeping your customers happy.

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