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In the competitive world of retail, simply having the right products on the shelf is not enough. Customers want a shopping experience that exceeds their expectations. Oxygen Technologies has the tools and expertise to help deliver on those expectations.

The retail industry has become an incredibly competitive landscape. New businesses are entering the market and online retailers threaten to take a significant piece of the pie. Of course, nothing beats an exceptional in-store shopping experience. However, delivering that experience is easier said than done. With the right tools and solutions, Oxygen Technologies can help retailers create the perfect shopping experience in every location.

  • Retail

    From customer-facing marketing to internal printing needs, with the right tools in place, retailers can put their best foot forward in all situations.

  • Hospitality

    Dealing with 3rd party print vendors create a challenge, hoteliers have turned to simplified print solutions for in-house custom color printing for their busy hotel and conference centers.

Point of Sale Solutions

The ability to be agile is one of the most important traits a business can have in the modern competitive environment. Unfortunately, outdated point of sale systems leave some retailers and restaurateurs playing catch up instead of delivering service excellence.
With modern POS technology, retailers can ensure that every location is on the same page. This is what makes some of the most recognizable brands in the world so successful. Customers that visit one location can expect the same level of service at a completely different site.

Connected point of sale terminals allow a central office to immediately push out pricing and promotion updates. This allows for rapid response to competitor offers and a uniform experience across all locations. This reduces frustration from customers and enables employees to be service oriented and proactive.

Give individual stores the freedom to do their best work while maintaining control over the customer shopping experience and managing pricing instantly from a central location with connected point of sale terminals.

Many restaurant operators have upgraded their POS capabilities over the past several years in response to the need to accept new payment methods, including chip credit cards and e-wallet apps. For most restaurants, the return on investment can be measured in terms of cost reduction, which is largely a function of increased staff productivity and resource utilization.

Professional Printed Materials

Printed materials can capture attention and leave a strong impression. The materials presented within a retail location can say a lot about the business to prospective customers. With Lexmark Signage Software, central offices can develop professional marketing materials and then send the materials to individual stores for printing and immediate deployment. This creates a professional, consistent experience from store to store while also allowing for rapid adaptation to new sales or competitive offers.

Professional training materials can also be sent to the store level for distribution to staff. On the eve of a major product launch or promotion, staff can have consistent training materials delivered directly from head office to help ensure that the customers receive top-notch service.

From one-offs to large print jobs, Okidata print solutions gives you the ability to have professional colored printed materials completed as needed. You can deliver big time results in house like stationary, poster designs, table tents, menu specials, promotional materials and banners. A professional appearance can be convenient, affordable, and fast when the proper strategies are implemented.

Consolidate Vendor Purchases

There are a lot of moving pieces that all work together when operating a retail business. Many retailers have multiple vendors for a number of different products. Not only can this make ordering supplies confusing and inefficient, it is also a drag on the productivity of the accounting department. One solution to this problem would be to hire more staff. However, the more cost-effective solution is to simplify supply orders and consolidate vendor orders.

We can supply retail stores with a wide range of products including toner, paper rolls, and specialty paper. Rather than dealing with multiple vendors and creating confusion, you can trust Oxygen Technologies as their one stop shop.

To learn more about how Oxygen Technologies works closely with retail and hospitality partners to build a modern shopping experience, please contact us today!