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Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

For businesses of any size, having the right solutions that fit within budget can be the difference between growing and remaining stagnant. With managed print services, businesses can take complete control of their budgets and ensure that resources are allocated appropriately.

Today’s businesses rely on technology more than ever before. An office may serve customers around the world, deal with heaps of important data, and require the latest solutions to help them continue delivering on their promises every day. The technology needed by businesses today is much different than the technology needed even just a few years ago.

Of course, budget restrictions are an important concern for any business. How can businesses balance the need for the latest technology solutions with their budget constraints? Oxygen Technologies has experience helping businesses do just that.

Spread Out the Work

Many businesses have in-house IT staff that are tasked with a wide range of duties. These could include everything from email account setup for new staff to server management. In-house IT staff must be a jack of all trades type. Inevitably, this puts a lot of responsibility on the plate of internal IT staff.
With managed print services, some of that work for internal IT can be shifted to a trusted partner like Oxygen Technologies. Instead of tasking internal IT staff with setting up document management, deploying print devices, and doing maintenance on these devices; businesses can pass off these tasks and allow their own IT staff to focus on other tasks that require their immediate attention.

In some cases, this may even allow businesses to put off hiring additional IT staff at a great expense to the business. With managed print services now handling all print-related tasks, internal IT is not stretched as thin and can work more efficiently.

This is one of the main cost-saving benefits that managed print services offers to businesses who are watching their budgets closely.

Document Management and Security

Data and document security is one of the most important investments a business can make. There have been countless news stories of businesses having data leaked or stolen and in many cases, these occurrences can be prevented with the right steps. This can protect the reputation of businesses and reduce the chance of costs that may be associated with a devastating cyber attack or data loss.

Businesses need to be able to adapt and work quickly which is why efficient data management is so important. Employees need access to information quickly, wherever they may be. With the right technology, data management can be improved without sacrificing security.

Simplified Online Ordering of Supplies

Oxygen Technologies can monitor many of your supplies, like toner cartridges, and replace them automatically. For individual supply needs, Easy Order online ordering gives you a simple, intuitive portal to order the supplies you need.

What this does for businesses is eliminate unnecessary orders due to lack of monitoring or confusion. Departments can simply order supplies as-needed rather than running through a complicated ordering process and system that only lead to frustration and mistakes. With Easyorder, staff can place their order quickly then get back to the most important tasks on their list.

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