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Managed Services

Managed IT Services

What is Managed Services?

The technology support function is necessary in practically every business – we’ve become so reliant on our technology tools and our data that the need for prompt and reliable technical support if and when IT issues occur. The way that organizations run their IT function varies greatly depending on factors such as their size, budget, the complexity of their environment, regulatory matters, and even the preferences of their business leaders. The most common ways that organizations engage IT support / partners are as follows:

  • Break-Fix / Time and Materials – We like to compare this to taking your car to a mechanic. If something breaks, they will provide the parts and the labour to fix it. This is a very transaction business model, and Oxygen does not engage in this business model
  • In-House IT Staff – Organizations with either a large number of staff, or a highly complex IT environment may choose to run an in-house IT department that consists of one or more IT Professionals. The IT Professionals may choose to engage a partner like Oxygen to complete various projects or purchase equipment
  • Hybrid Outsourcing Model – Working with an in-house IT department, a partner such as Oxygen can provide various tools including monitoring and security services to make IT professionals look like heros, as well as own various functions, whether that be the strategic IT direction, the help desk function, or anything in between
  • Fully Outsourced IT (Fully Managed Services) – When an organization fully outsources their IT function to an IT partner like Oxygen for consistent monthly fee over the course of a termed agreement, this is typically called Managed Services. In addition to providing technical support, Managed Services Providers will often provide monitoring and security tools to proactively support organization’s networks

Oxygen works with over 300 organizations on a monthly basis to manage their networks. The majority of these organizations have engaged Oxygen on a Hybrid or a Fully Outsourced basis. Some of Oxygen’s most successful engagements have been collaborating with an internal IT Department (of one or more technology professionals), while other organizations – ranging from as little at 10 to as many as 900+ users) have successfully outsourced IT to Oxygen.

The Perils of a Fixed Price IT Contract

Managed Services Providers across North America have long shared the benefits of a ‘Fixed Price Contract’ or an ‘All You Can Eat IT Contract’ – whatever they call it, it typically consists of a customer pay a ‘per user’ or ‘per device’ monthly cost in exchange for unlimited IT support. The benefits, of course, are a consistently monthly price, not having to worry about how much support you need, and the promise that the IT Providers’ proactivity will reduce your downtime. In fact, on the surface a ‘Fixed Price IT Contract’ sounds quite compelling, and there is a reason why nearly every full-service IT Provider offers this as their primary method of interacting with their clients.

For all of its benefits, the ‘Fixed Price IT Contract’ has a number of significant drawbacks that prevent organizations from leveraging technology to the greatest benefit. One of the main drawbacks is that IT Providers that promote ‘Fixed Price IT Contracts’ prioritize ‘Efficiency’ versus ‘Effectiveness’ – they have to; that is the only way the business model works.

These days, you will find that most IT Providers do a good job – they have competent staff with the relevant certifications, they employ the tools and technologies to proactively manage a wide variety of technology environments, and offer generally great customer service. Pricing can even be quite similar between different providers. So how is an organization to choose the right IT Partner?

At Oxygen, we believe that it is our business model – on top of our data-driven approach to operational excellence – that sets us apart. In fact, our approach to delivering Managed Services either on a fully-outsourced or hybrid basis is such a departure from the ‘normal way of doing things’ that most of our competitors think we are crazy! We’re OK with that, because we think that it is the companies who boldly innovate and transform their industries that will succeed over the long run – don’t you feel that way about your organization among your competitors?

Our business model is beautifully simple in its concept, but as with anything it is the details that ensure its success. Rather than sharing our ‘secret sauce’ on our website, we invite you to request your no-obligation copy of our ‘Why Your Organization Deserves a Next-Generation Managed Services Provider’ whitepaper.

Why Your Organization Deserves a Next-Generation Managed Services Provider

Request your no-obligation copy of our whitepaper entitled ‘Why Your Organization Deserves a Next-Generation Managed Services Provider’, which covers:

  • The basis of Oxygen’s business model, and how it is vastly superior to the traditional ‘Fixed Price IT Contract’
  • How Oxygen quantifies and creates value for our clients through Digital Transformation strategies
  • How we run IT ‘like a business’ and why this is important to your organization
  • The secrets that many IT Providers use to increase their profit at the cost of your innovation
  • and much more…

Request this Whitepaper

Fully Outsourced IT

Organizations may consider a fully outsourced IT program when they are either too small to afford an in-house IT department, or which to not be in the ‘IT Business’. In fact, Oxygen’s Managed Services customers encompass nearly all verticals (including Not-For-Profit, Government, Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail, Professional Services such as Law Firms and Accounting Firms, Hospitality, Health Care, and more), and range in size from approximately 10 employees to 900+ employees.

Like many of other full-service IT Providers, Oxygen offers a comprehensive selection of services including Cloud solutions, Cyber Security solutions, Project and Procurement solutions and Collaboration and Productivity tools in addition to our 24×7 help desk and network monitoring tools. When an organization engages Oxygen, they don’t get merely menu of available service offerings but a program we call the IT Success Formula – Oxygen’s approach to bringing all of our different offerings to leverage your technology investment into driving business value. Of course, this includes all of the ‘typical’ items you will hear about from other IT Providers, but with a completely different business model. Rather than explaining it all here, we prefer to set up a complementary, no-obligation consultation with business leaders to tailor our presentation to their current situation. We believe there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach like you will see from others in our industry, and in fact strongly oppose this business model.

Hybrid Outsourcing Model

Whether you have an IT Department of 1 or 100, they are probably quite busy! Many IT Departments, particularly smaller departments of 1-5 employees, struggle under the weight of the never-ending requests and projects that they are faced with, and often are so busy putting the fires out, that they don’t have time to build a more fire-proof IT environment. This is where Oxygen can help:

  • Outsourcing some or all of the Help Desk function – organizations have looked to Oxygen to provide Tier 1, 2 or 3 support to alleviate the strain on their IT resources. Oxygen’s ticketing system and tools neatly integrate with existing processes, or Oxygen can implement an ITIL-based Help Desk function that improves accountability and customer service levels
  • Outsourcing the IT Operations Management – some organizations have retained Oxygen to manage their IT staff, creating further accountability and IT/Business Alignment, so the organization’s other business leaders can focus on their function versus IT
  • Staff Augmentation – Sometimes there are too many projects or support requests for your existing IT team to handle. Other times, a key member of your staff will be away on vacation, sick or parental leave, or even resign. Oxygen can provide resources to fill these gaps, and has done so with organizations of all sizes, including some of the largest organizations across the Prairie Provinces.
  • Implementing tools to help your IT Staff – IT Professionals often like to think of themselves as superheros who swoop in to save the day. Oxygen can provide various tools to make it easier to for your IT staff to do what they love to do best, including monitoring tools, dashboarding tools, security tools, and even a Help Desk platform to manage all of your service requests

Oxygen’s pricing and service models are conducive to ‘playing well’ with your existing IT team and providing you the help and value you need, when you need it.

Our Tools

As a full-service IT Service Provider, Oxygen employs a whole host of tools to get the job done. While each of these tools are part of the IT Success Formula we use for our Fully Outsourced / Managed Services clients, many of these tools can be purchase and implemented within organizations who have an existing IT Department:

  • Network Monitoring & Management – Oxygen’s Remote Monitoring & Management Platform provides numerous benefits to the organizations who use it, including network monitoring, automated remediation, asset management, patch management, remote control / support utilities and much more. Implementing Oxygen’s platform in any organization will allow IT staff to do more in less time, and provide tools to manage even the most complex networks with ease from a single console
  • Data Protection Services – Offsite, Managed Data Backup is an important part of any organization’s technology plan, and Oxygen provides a comprehensive suite of Data Protection Services to protect your data
  • End Point Protection – a combination of world-class AntiVirus, AntiMalware and AntiSpam services protect our clients’ networks against a wide variety of threats
  • Managed Vulnerability Assessments –  Created through an exclusive partnership with a leading Canadian-based Cyber Security firm, Oxygen’s Managed Vulnerability Assessment provides regular vulnerability assessments for a month cost, versus the occasional and point-in-time Penetration Tests
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training – Secure your network against its greatest threat: your employees! Cyber criminals are sophisticated and devote their days to coming up with ways to bamboozle your employees into downloading malicious software or even paying them money. Leveraging the ‘KnowBe4’ platform, Oxygen’s Security Awareness Training can benchmark and train your users, filling in knowledge gaps and providing greater protection for your organization.
  • Help Desk Platform – Oxygen manages over 50,000 tickets each year for our customers, and have had great success implementing our Help Desk Platform and processes within organizations with an existing IT Department. This is a much less expensive and easier process versus trying to implement your own set of tools and processes by ‘learning on the fly’
  • Data & Reporting Dashboards – Using a powerful business intelligence tool, Oxygen can provide real-time dashboards on the IT function of an organization – including on us and how we’re doing for our customers – to show information about Service Level Agreements, Ticket Queue Lengths, Customer Satisfaction and much, much more
  • Strategic IT Planning – we actually don’t consider this merely a ‘service’ but rather a way of life, and we call it the IT Success Formula. We can implement this even in organizations are are not fully managed by us

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