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Cyber Breach Remediation

Cyber Breach Remediation

In partnership with leading National and International technology companies like Security Resource Group, Cisco, Kaspersky, and Tech Data, Oxygen has developed comprehensive incident management and response policies and practices for our clients.

Our policies and procedures include cyber breach remediation, including critical response teams, and appropriate tools, to help businesses and organizations recover intelligently from critical outages.

In conjunction with helping building these policies, Oxygen is also able to facilitate red team, blue team exercises, to help our clients, and prospective clients understand the tasks and order of operations to simulate these incidents and plan out remediation processes, in a controlled environment.

If you really want to have fun, ask us how we can facilitate a tour of a Cyber Defense Range.

How can we help?

Book a complimentary, no obligation consultation with one of Oxygen’s IT Security Specialists to ensure that both your data and organization’s reputation is protected.

If you have been the victim of a Cyber Breach, please contact our Critical Incident Response Team immediately at (866) 367-8554 extension 3

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