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Data Protection Services

Data Protection Services

Your data is at risk. The complexity of today’s cloud-based server, storage, and network infrastructure means that yesterday’s methods for backups just aren’t up to the challenge.  A business or organization needs to have a robust, multilayered approach to data protection.  Your first step to mitigating risk whether physical (flood, hardware failure, power outage) to cyber breaches (ransomware, malware, denial of service attacks) starts with your backup, and of course your ability to recover from your backup.

Legal and regulatory pressures for data discovery and accessibility are putting pressure on your organization to ensure your data archives are searchable and retrievable. We can help.

Get turnkey and cost-effective Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity with Oxygen Technologies Data Protection Services.  Our solutions are designed to span the multiple ecosystems your data may reside, local, cloud, or hybrid.

Our partnerships, certifications, and expertise with leading vendors like VEEAM and ArcServe give you the comfort of knowing that your companies most vital asset, data, is protected through our services.

Oxygen can provide the following data protection services:

  • Fully encrypted disk-based backup & archiving solutions
  • Server replication & restoration
  • Multi-site failover & high-availability storage
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery (DRP) & Business Continuity BCP) plan audits and consulting
  • Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and SharePoint backups.

How can we help?

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