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Your IT Success Formula

Your IT Success Formula

What is an IT Success Formula?

As much as we’d love to take credit for inventing the ‘IT Success Formula’, we can’t – it is a concept that has existed in many forms and under many names for a long time. IT Providers have called this a ‘Business/Technology Alignment’, or a ‘virtual CIO’ or an ‘IT Strategy’, and we are all trying to do the same thing: have customers no longer label us as ‘technology firefighters’, and allow us transcend into partners with your business in delivering good value for each technology dollar spent.

The difference with Oxygen is that the ‘IT Success Formula’ isn’t a product, an add-on, a one-time engagement, or an up-sell. It is at the core of our approach to how we do business.

The ‘vCIO’ Myth

Typically when an IT Provider advertises that they are offering a ‘vCIO’ service, or a ‘strategic IT review’, they are performing tasks that an ‘Infrastructure Manager’ would do:

  • Provide a list of devices on your network (computers, servers and other network devices) that are old and need to be replaced
  • Describe findings of a security audit that they have run on your technology environment, and a list of recommendations on where to enhance security
  • Present a list of recommended upgrades that should be purchased, such as purchasing a redundant internet connection in case your primary connection goes down
  • Possibly even talk about your overall IT spend, and creating a budget for the following year

These are all valuable tasks, and Oxygen does many of the same things. But is this really what a ‘Chief Information Officer’ or CIO would do? Put a different way, if all your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) did was tell you how much money you made and where you can cut expenses, you could probably make due with a significantly less expensive accounting clerk to do the same job.

Oxygen believes that the role of a CIO is to bring forward ideas and innovations that can help your business:

  • Disrupt your industry
  • Better engage your customers through technology
  • Drive operational cost savings
  • Improve the employee experience by simplifying workflows
  • Use your data to do what you do better

This is the difference between an IT Provider that focuses on Efficiency rather than Effectiveness. Oxygen believes that there is a need to look at both efficiency and effectiveness, but using efficiency as a means to an end so real value can be delivered.

As part of Oxygen’s business model, we aim to drive IT operational efficiencies so that we can displace the money you are already spending on technology and reinvest that in making your business more effective. Said a different way, we can take a similar investment that you are already making in IT, and redeploy that money to do more for your business. We believe this is a true differentiator and will continue to make Oxygen relevant as our industry continues to change.

Our IT Success Formula

Each of our customer’s businesses are different. And, frankly, not everyone wishes to engage Oxygen in the same way – some of the organizations we work with are extremely progressive and are actively looking at ways that they can redefine their business with technology. Others have a proven model for success and simply want Oxygen to support them in doing what they do. We sometimes think of ourselves as home builders: some families are budget conscious and are looking for a safe, function home. We do that! Others want to push the boundaries of design, and are willing to invest in creating something spectacular. We do that, too! A common thread that runs through all of our customers, is they are looking for value for money and we build that in to each one of our engagements.

Components of our IT Success Formulas can include:

  • Industry Innovations Overview – Leveraging our manufacturing and distribution partners, we can provide regular insights to how others in your industry are using technology to solve problems and create opportunities
  • Security Posture Review – A regular review of the security of your data, as well as recommendations on adapting to new threats that have emerged
  • Value for Money Assessment – A review of the financial aspect of technology to provide cost justification for enhancements, and ensuring that Oxygen’s services are bringing the appropriate financial value versus alternatives
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning – Ensuring that an effective plan has been implemented to protect against power outages, natural disasters, internet connectivity challenges, health pandemics and IT equipment failure. And, just as important, test the plans on occasion!
  • IT Budgeting – Developing and managing an Operating and Capital budget that meets your business goals
  • Business Strategy Alignment – Participating in discussions with your leadership team to uncover ways that technology can drive your existing strategy forward, or present new opportunities to enhance your business with technology
  • Service Desk Performance Metrics – A regular review of how our team is meeting the needs of your users, including metrics such as: Average Time to Start Work, Average Time to Issue Resolution, User Satisfaction, and many more
  • IT Infrastructure Planning – Review the age and function of all equipment (servers, computers, network devices, etc) to ensure that equipment is correctly sized for optimal performance, as well as ensuring critical devices are under warranty
  • Network Health Report – See the up-time of your critical infrastructure, the security level of your servers and computers, as well as other key metrics concerning the health of your network

What does your IT Success Formula look like?

Request a consultation with one of our Technology Success Strategists to explore what an IT Success Formula could like like in your business

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