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Utilize Document Management to Manage Your Organization’s Heavy Data Flow

Before the clock strikes 9 AM, everyone has opened a document. Companies are so reliant on all forms of documents, whether they’re newsletters, upcoming blog posts, contracts, or something else entirely. Maybe most of them are scattered around, leaving frazzled employees to search for the right document whenever it comes up. An office full of chaos doesn’t reflect a professional environment, but with so many physical copies of important documents, many businesses may just shrug and say that it can’t be helped. Truthfully, all of that hassle can be remedied by a document management system.

Document management systems strive to increase work productivity and are a sign of excellent business processes. Documents are critical to businesses – so why should they be the primary source of clutter? If a company’s documents are organized and easy to breeze through, it can operate with ease and locate each critical file in the blink of an eye.

What Is a Document Management System?

Every business goes through a lot of documents each day, and a serious one likely has hundreds of documents lying around – maybe even a multitude of physical copies. Document management systems help keep the clutter under control, automating a business’s crucial documents and reducing the risk of misplacing something incredibly important.

Many document management systems are cloud-based, meaning that fewer papers are lying about and confusing employees. When everything is uploaded to the cloud, infinite copies can be made, and employees can access a document from everywhere – not just their work computers. With how easily paper gets lost, it’s more feasible to have cloud backups than to rely on physical copies of the most necessary documents.

The Importance of Document Organization

Business data and content abounds with every company, no matter the size. That’s a good enough reason to invest in something that can manage all of those important documents! If an employee needs to pull up a report for quick reference, they would need an organized file system with plenty of categories to eliminate all confusion.

If the employee can’t pull up documents fast enough – there will be drawbacks. Whether it’s losing a client or embarrassing themselves at a meeting, that employee will feel the adverse effects of a chaotic document environment. Document management systems allow employees to bypass those detrimental effects entirely by offering a more streamlined approach to document location. By having files completely organized by category, a business can additionally benefit by having all of its goals in the same place, clearly defining the relationships between future plans, marketing endeavors, and the like.

Having a document management system benefits a business by keeping files completely organized, easy to access, and backed up indefinitely. It’s the 21st century – it’s time to digitize! Having organized files accessible through a single click takes less time than sorting through a bulky file cabinet. Cloud-based access allows for access from anywhere, meaning that employees can view and edit a document around the clock, even outside of work hours.

What a Document Management System Can Do for You

A study by the IDC revealed that document challenges make up around 21% of productivity loss. Document management systems have more benefits than just adding a company’s crucial documents to the cloud – it can transform the way a business operates in the following ways.

1. Reduce Carbon Footprint

More paper is a no-no in today’s world. When environmentally-friendly practices matter more than ever, it’s time to adjust business processes to reflect the change. In 2012, paper, food, and yard waste in Canada jumped to 300 kilograms per person. A document management system can eliminate paper waste by digitizing files.

2. Save Money and Space

The average office spends about $2,000 a year maintaining a single file cabinet. With document management systems, businesses can drastically reduce what they’re spending. Relying on a system to cut costs can save a business time, money, and space. Who wants to look at bloated file cabinets when they can go into meticulously-categorized folders to find exactly what they need? No more leafing through endless pages to find that exact proposal – a system will have it organized and ready for an employee with a simple search!

3. Drive Employee Efficiency

Time is money, and time well spent is beneficial to a company with much work. With less time dedicated to finding files, employees can prioritize other tasks and perform more effectively. Additionally, every edit to a document can be shown to every employee, thereby eliminating any confusion and decreasing the likelihood of errors. With a document management system, businesses will have every employee feeling like a tech wizard!

Increase Work Productivity with Document Organization

When it comes to creating a productive workspace and implementing beneficial business processes, a document management system should not be overlooked. Having a system in place eliminates confusion and eases the stress on employees while keeping an office neat and clean, free of all that clutter!

First Phase Data strives to be a document management partner that delivers tangible, relieving results. There’s no need to stress over exactly which overstuffed file cabinet that important contract went into – First Phase Data has you covered!

Check out what our document solutions can offer your business.

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