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Legal and Finance

Legal and Finance

Oxygen Technologies has the solutions to help legal and finance businesses achieve greater security while unlocking the true potential of their workforce.

Protecting sensitive documents from falling into the wrong hands is the main concern of any legal and finance business. Not only could this be damaging to their reputation but, in some cases, could also lead to regulatory or legal consequences. However, simply sticking with the status quo of storing paper documents in a filing room has its own security issues.

Using the right software, businesses can manage workflows and ensure document security from beginning to end. Files can be created and managed digitally with secure print release for those occasions where paper documents are needed. Every step of the way is secure and compliant.
From implementation to deployment, Oxygen Technologies helps businesses build a secure document management system that meets and exceeds compliance expectations.

Protection From Cyber Attacks

The legal and financial industries are among the most targeted by cyber criminals. With the sensitive and important data these industries deal with, it makes sense why these businesses would be such a popular target. New malware is being released and developed every day with the goal of targeting legal and financial businesses in order to wreak havoc and collect ransoms from victims.

To protect our legal and financial customers, Oxygen Technologies partners with the most secure print device manufacturers in the industry. HP, Lexmark, Xerox, and Okidata all have advanced security solutions, and we are experts at implementing and maintaining these protections.

Adopting Digital Workflows

Although paperwork is synonymous with legal and finance work, it doesn’t have to be that way. With digital documents, workflows can be managed without printing a single page. Not only can this help reduce printing and maintenance costs, it also frees staff up to do their best work whenever and wherever.
Whether using a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet, employees can create, manage, and even have customers sign important documents without printing. Best of all, the entire process is secure. Costs can be slashed and customer service can be greatly improved with the implementation and adoption of a completely digital workflow.

In a case where documents need to be printed, employees can queue the files for printing back at the office and have them held using secure print technology until the employee is physically on-hand to release the documents for printing. This essentially eliminates the opportunity for physical documents to be lost, stolen, or misplaced throughout the workflow.

Boots on the Ground, Face-to-Face

Due to technology, legal and finance employees are operating in a world of increased convenience. With secure document storage built for today’s modern world, lawyers, insurance advisors, private bankers, lenders, and financial advisors can offer that same level of convenience.
Files can be made available on any device including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The days of being forced to visit a bank branch for a loan are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today, the bank goes to the client and the technology is there for businesses to facilitate that new experience.

Leveraging Technology Now and in the Future

Even with the stringent compliance rules and privacy requirements, legal and finance businesses can still adopt the latest technology in order to deliver exceptional client experiences.

To learn more about the technologies and tools available, contact Oxygen Technologies today.