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First Phase Data Saves Local Company Time and Money with Batch Scanning Solutions

A local transport company was spending a lot of man-hours manually scanning essential files. First Phase Data helped them save time and money with a workgroup scanner to batch scan multiple files at the single touch of a button. They’ll never scan documents one page at a time again!

The Company

The client is a large Canadian transport company with three locations in Winnipeg. The company had recently installed a document management system to help them manage the large number of invoices, purchase orders, bills of lading, and other documents the business generated every single day. All documents going forward would be stored in electronic format.

The Challenge

To convert all their printed documents into digital files, the company needed to quickly scan a huge number of documents. They could do this manually, one document at a time, but that would be incredibly time-consuming. The company’s employees simply didn’t have enough free time to manually scan all the documents they had on hand.

How, then, could the company efficiently scan all those physical documents into digital files? They needed to somehow scan large numbers of documents as a batch into their new document repository.

That’s when they called First Phase Data.

The Solution

After consulting with the client, the experts at First Phase Data performed an in-depth scanning workflow analysis to help us better understand what the client was scanning and why. This analysis led to the conclusion that the client needed a managed print solution that enabled them to scan a large number of physical documents, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The team recommended that the client go with a Fujitsu FI-7240 dedicated workgroup scanner. The FI-7240 is a desktop model that scans at 40 ppm in black and white, grayscale, and color. It includes an 80 page Automatic Document Feeder as well as built in Flatbed scanner.

With the FI-7240, batch scanning is as easy as pressing a button. The FI-7240 can automatically scan documents of different sizes for uninterrupted scanning.

The FI-7240 comes bundled with Fujitsu’s PaperStream IP scanner driver and PaperStream Capture image capturing and processing software..

To make sure the FI-7240 was the right scanner for the client, First Phase Data installed a demo unit as part of a test. That turned out to be a good approach because things didn’t quite go as planned.

Challenge #2

The second challenge faced by the First Phase Data team came after they installed the demo unit in the client’s facility. After working with the unit for a number of days, the client was struggling with implementing the new scanner. The process just wasn’t working quite as the client expected.

The Solution

The solution to the second problem came when Fujitsu customer support reached out to the client to see if the scanner was meeting their requirements. It was apparent that it was not.

At this point, Fujitsu went above and beyond all expectations. The company’s customer support staff helped optimize the demo device and had several long conversations with the client. They determined that the FI-7240 was indeed the best workgroup scanner for the client’s needs. They worked with the client to implement out-of-the-box workflow solutions to best take advantage of the new scanner and help save a huge amount of time.

The Results

The result of all this work was that the transportation company now had an effective and efficient way to batch scan physical documents into their document management system. By properly incorporating the Fujitsu FI-7240 into their workflow, the client spent fewer steps batch scanning. This reduced operator intervention and saved employees considerable time and frustration, enabling them to spend more time working on other tasks.

Let First Phase Data and Fujitsu Help Your Company with Document Management Solutions

First Phase Data has been helping Canadian businesses with their printing and document management needs for almost four decades. We partner with Fujitsu because that company’s customer service to the end-user is second to none in the industry. For Fujitsu – and for First Phase Data – it’s all about the customer.

When you need printer or scanner service, repair, or installation, turn to First Phase Data. We serve all types and sizes of businesses in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba and back up all the products we sell with superior customer service and technical support. Our managed print services can help your company spend less time and money on printing and scanning – and more time focusing on your core business!

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