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Oxygen Technologies to Pay its Customers to Protect Their Computer Networks

Today, Oxygen Technologies, an Information Technology company providing technology support and enablement to companies throughout Canada, announced not only a major overhaul of its Cyber Security practice, but also an unusual pricing model, aimed to remove cost as a barrier for companies in protecting their data and reputation. Effective June 1, 2021, companies who utilize Oxygen’s entire Cyber Security ecosystem – made up of a comprehensive collection of platforms and best-practices – will receive a rebate on each anniversary of their participation in the program.

“The risks (related to Cyber Security vulnerabilities) are not new, but the dangers of ignoring the requirements to keep your computer network and data secure continue to increase,” explains Brian Oleksiuk, President & Chief Strategy Officer of Oxygen Technologies. “Yet, many companies are hesitant to invest in the proper strategies to protect their business and their reputation. After extensive market research, we believe it comes down to the perception that the money is just ‘gone’ and doesn’t yield any tangible return on investment. We cannot stress how important it is in this increasingly digital world to make the investment, because the cost of not doing it are significantly greater.”

The concept is simple: a company will invest in a Cyber Security program tailored specifically for their business needs, based on a comprehensive assessment by Oxygen’s technical experts. Each year, the company will be rewarded with a ‘rebate’ of a tangible percentage of their overall Cyber Security investment, that they can either reinvest in other technology projects, or donate to a charity of their choice. Oleksiuk continues, “I believe that this will encourage companies to do the right thing, allocating their technology spend appropriately into the area of Cyber Security. Each of our clients who participate will be able to reallocate their money into other projects, or give back to the community – it’s a great incentive. You’d be hard-pressed to find another company in the Canadian Prairies – or even Canada – who is this confident in their Cyber Security platform.”

Over the next several months, Oxygen is running a series of online events featuring high-profile Cyber Security experts to educate technology and business leaders on Cyber Security best practices. A calendar of events is available here, as well as further details on Oxygen’s Cyber Security Rebate Program.

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