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The Cons of Dealing with a Copier/Print Manufacturer

With budgets tight, savvy firms look to get the best deal when purchasing. There are many factors to consider when choosing who to buy from, and dealing directly with a copier/print manufacturer carries its own series of pros and cons. Here’s what businesses need to know about the tricky business of dealing with copier/print manufacturers and how to come out on top.

Dealing Directly with a Print Manufacturer

Dealing directly with a copier/print manufacturer can be one of the most painful learning experiences a manager will encounter. The ultimate lesson of the experience is to work with a reputable print dealer rather than the manufacturer directly.  

The Cons of Dealing Directly with Copier/Printing Manufacturers

There are many strong reasons why firms should not attempt to deal directly with copier/printer manufacturers:

  • Restrictions – print manufacturers will restrict customers in choice and contract flexibility.
  • Overall Value – when considering the overall value and quality of service after the sale, the long-term cost is often less expensive when purchased through a print dealer.

The cons of dealing directly with copier/printer manufacturers can be potentially expensive as getting stuck in one of their contracts can be a major headache. Here’s a more in-depth look at the cons and why firms should deal with manufacturers indirectly through reputable print dealers instead.

Elimination of Variety

It’s important to remember that when dealing directly with copier/printer manufacturers, there won’t be any variety in choice. Customers are tethered to the product brand of a single company, in some cases the manufacturer may not be proposing the product that best fits the customers needs. While some managers may be somewhat fanatical in their preference for individual copier/printer manufacturers, limiting a firm to one producer is largely impractical.  

Limited Support Options

Copier/printer manufacturers won’t typically extend support to office printers of any other brand. That means firms require additional vendors to service there print fleet adding additional costs and confusion. There is, of course, no logic in that whatsoever, making managed print services the way to go.  

A managed print service or reputable print dealer will be refreshingly indiscriminate in which brands of printing equipment they’ll service.


Copier/printer manufacturers when dealt with directly, tend to have remarkably restrictive, binding, and inconvenient policies that can mislead client businesses into unfavorable contracts. On the other hand, Canadian print dealers like First Phase Data have mastered the art of dealing with the manufacturers, reputable dealers have the expertise to deal with the manufacturers to get the best results for their clients.  

The Pros of Working with a Reputable Print Dealer

There are many pros to working with a reputable print dealer, and no firm should go without them in today’s fierce, competitive and often unscrupulous market.

  • Superior Value – print dealers are typically able to furnish incredible value providing multiple solutions to challenges with a cost saving results.
  • Service – print dealers offer exceptional professional maintenance and service for a wide variety of office printers.
  • Reliability – one of the pillars of any reputable print dealer.

As one can see, working with a reputable print dealer carries many significant advantages. Take Canadian print dealer First Phase Data for example. They have been providing businesses with the best cost effective printing equipment for over 30 years, making them a trusted choice as a reputable print dealer.

Make First Phase Data the First Choice and Enjoy the Benefits of Working with a Reputable Print Dealer

First Phase Data looks out for its customers and can give them the most cost effective print solution for there office printing equipment. As an established Canadian print dealer. Customers enjoy the benefits of working with a reputable print dealer. Find out why First Phase Data has been the first choice in printing equipment for businesses of all sizes for over 35 years.

Get in touch with First Phase Data and get the best print device for your print requirements that can’t be beat!

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