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The Best Printers for Small Businesses

Small businesses have a unique set of needs when it comes to printing. As a small business, printing equipment can make a serious difference in their success. The quality of their printing capabilities will reflect on how they are perceived as professionals. Inferior quality in printing can hold businesses back. Here are the best printers for small businesses and how they can contribute to a small businesses’ success.  

The Importance of Printing in Small Businesses

Printing is a vital business function that keeps information flowing, contracts in circulation, and the wheels of commerce turning. For small businesses, finding great value in printing equipment is of utmost importance. They need relatively high-quality printers to compete effectively and be perceived as professional. Cost, however, is also a chief concern for small businesses shopping for printers. Like their needs, their budgets are quite different from those of larger firms, creating a niche market.   

Different Printers for Different Businesses

The best printers for large firms will not be the best choice for small businesses and vice versa. Because of this, it is essential for managers to know the firm’s printing needs inside and out before making a decision on buying a new printer. 

Top General Office Printers

Small businesses need general office printers that are feature-rich and budget-conscious. These printers can be hard to come by, and they’re all gathered here for easy reference. 


The HP M426MFP is a powerful printer made available at an affordable price that makes it a smart choice for small businesses. Featuring three paper trays, each with a capacity of at least a hundred sheets, this model performs well under moderately heavy use. 

Xerox B405DN

As a full multifunction printer complete with cloud connectivity, the Xerox B4505DN is a powerful model that can print up to 10,000 sheets a month with ease. Built with small business applications in mind, this printer is designed for a range of 3-15 users. Most impressively, it delivers impeccable print quality with a compact design that makes it a perfect and seamless addition to small business offices.   

Lexmark MC2535ADWE

The Lexmark MC2535ADWE is a marvel of engineering that is ideal for small businesses. The model boasts a robust suite of security features that protects documents at every stage of the printing process including at the network level. That level of security is a great value for small businesses who can purchase the printer for hundreds of dollars rather than thousands. It’s built to last and is worth every penny, especially the convenience of mobile printing functionality. 

Advantages of Buying General Office Printers from a Print Dealer

Buying printers through a reputable print dealer, as opposed to directly buying through the manufacturer, is a smart decision for customers looking to save money. Here are some of the major advantages of purchasing through a print dealer like First Phase Data. 

  • Printer manufacturers will only service printers from their brand, this can be inconvenient as a small business with mixed brand devices.
  • Customer service for direct sales has not been fully developed by manufacturers who are accustomed to dealing with B2B deals.  
  • Printer manufacturers can carry restrictive and inflexible contracts as opposed to print dealers like First Phase Data.

All of these factors should be considered when making the decision to buy a printer as a small business. Printers for small businesses are sound investments that give firms a competitive edge. Businesses of any size can’t afford not to have a printer in today’s market. Data is key, but printed documents still occupy a position of strategic importance. Make the investment with a reputable print dealer like First Phase Data and reap the rewards. 

Managed Services for SMBs

Small businesses can also benefit tremendously with managed services to maintain their printers, networks, and other equipment. They should also take advantage of document management services that can keep documents secure while boosting productivity. 

First Phase Data: Providing the Best Printers for Small Businesses at Competitive Prices for Over 30 Years

First Phase Data is a trusted leader that can arm small businesses with superior printing equipment for alluring prices. As a trusted industry leader, First Phase Data has helped find the best printers for small businesses for over 30 years. Don’t hesitate, call them and get outfitted with printers that send productivity rates through the roof.   

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