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Boost Office Efficiency with Productivity Solutions

To maintain a successful business in today’s fast-paced economy, organizations of every size and type must exploit the latest technologies for continued success. It’s no secret that any modern business is vulnerable to disruption, and the next big one is just around the corner. Yet, if staff remain stressed out due to inefficient processes and have to rely on outdated legacy equipment, it doesn’t allow them to innovate and collaborate freely.

A range of office productivity solutions helps today’s organizations achieve success and reduce their overheads for improved performance. A Document Management system (DMS) can reduce the burden on the company’s employees while providing management with greater oversight and control. While organizations understand their business model clearly, the way they process their daily workflows could still be inefficient. Walking paper documents between desks, struggling with copiers and printers, or searching for documents all add up and inevitably reduces the company’s revenues.

How to Improve Productivity in an Organization

Adopting a digital-first strategy is critical for companies wondering how to improve productivity in an organization. Once information is available electronically, the company can analyze and study their operational process using accurate metrics that provide real insights. The company’s workflows become clear, staff know what the organization expects from them, and management retains control over the business.

Document Management Systems Increase Work Productivity

A DMS (sometimes called an Enterprise Content Management System) enables the company to capture, store, search, and route information electronically. The system comes with automated workflows for conventional business processes, improving the speed and accuracy of staff when processing data. The feature that makes a DMS one of the best productivity solutions is that all critical information is readily available to staff while they execute a task. If anything is unclear, the employee can search for the policy or procedure that applies to that business process.

Similarly, if an employee runs into an issue, they can collaborate with other staff members directly in the DMS. Using document metadata, the company can index and categorize information for fast and easy retrieval. When they discover a bottleneck in the process, the organization can implement corrective actions from a centralized control panel. Using the versioning capabilities on the electronic documents means the company can update and release a new policy quickly and efficiently.

Streamline Processes and Remove Redundancies

It’s common for physical systems to become disorganized and chaotic over time. A DMS will help the company to establish formal processes, and the intuitive user interfaces ensure that staff executes duties accurately every time. It also reduces the need for multiple copies of physical documents used as reference material during workflows. With a digital system, the amount of print and copy operations decreases, saving the company extra expenses.

As the solutions integrate seamlessly with mobile and handheld devices, every employee has access to their work from anywhere in the company. This keeps staff productive (and lets them respond to issues quickly) even when they are away from their workstations. With a modern Document Management solution, every organization can reduce operational overheads, increase employee efficiency, and speed up their information processing cycles.

Secure Documents and Improve Business Sustainability

DMS solutions come with advanced encryption to keep information secure from bad actors. It also allows organizations to establish controls that prevent unauthorized access and dissemination of confidential information. With greater oversight over who accessed what document at what time, the company can enforce a comprehensive information security policy. This also helps organizations to reduce the cost of demonstrable compliance with regulations and information security legislation.

The company can implement backup and disaster recovery plans using a Document Management system. If the company suffers a disaster or experiences a data breach, they can limit the damage by restoring a backup. Especially with data breaches, having a readily available encrypted backup will reduce the risk of ransomware attacks succeeding.

Integrating a DMS with other software systems is also possible. Documents from accounting, order fulfillment, payroll, and other business-critical systems can quickly move between the systems using the integration capabilities of DMS. With advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) features, staff can capture physical documents and automatically digitize them into intelligent electronic copies. OCR uses templates to establish which fields relate to the document’s metadata and reduces the double work of scanning and entering data into information systems from incoming records.

Gain Efficiency and Work Productivity Improvements with a DMS from First Phase Data

With the pace of the modern economy continuing to speed up, companies need an office productivity partner they can trust. First Phase Data provides expert services to companies in Canada with advanced office technologies and Document Management systems that stimulate innovation, enhances collaboration, and ensures the company grows effortlessly.

To start your journey towards a digital-first strategy with a Document Management system in Canada, request a consultation from First Phase Data today.

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