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4 Tips to Increase the Productivity of Your Office

Despite the fact that COVID-19 is still making headlines, not all is dismal due to this ongoing crisis. In fact, the shift to remote working has not only made employees happy, it has contributed to an increase in productivity for 75% of those employees who work from home.

On the flipside, productivity is also increasing in the brick-and-mortar workspaces as well, with companies exercising their creativity in making sure employees are connected and engaged.

Recovering from the recent economic downturn and market shifts will not be static. Instead, it will ebb and flow, as businesses respond to changes in processes and adapt to new ways of operating.

However your business decides to tackle the complex task of surviving — and thriving — in a changed marketplace, you will need some actionable ways to help your team make the most of their productivity.

We have curated some great ideas to get you started and help your business emerge from the crisis stronger and more resilient.

4 Ways to Amplify Productivity in Your Workforce

Whether they are working from home, checking in from a mobile device, or in an office down the hall, your team needs a little bit of assistance to ensure they are working at maximum efficiency.

Here are a few tips you can put into action to help them:

  1. Use Technology to Stay Connected

Technology is critical for collaboration, which is, in turn, critical for business success. Disorganized teams and miscommunication can spell trouble for any project, be it large or small.

To fix this, make sure you provide all employees with the equipment they need to stay connected. This can be as elaborate as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system to facilitate computer and telecommunications, or it could be as simple as an interactive whiteboard to engage team in brainstorming and project tracking.

  1. Don’t Clutter Your Workspace with Storage Items

If your workspace is an office, this means getting rid of those cumbersome file cabinets by digitizing documents. Floorspace is expensive real estate and would be better used to increase traffic flow in office areas, provide convenient locations for often-used equipment such as printers or copiers, or serve as a meeting space.

  1. Provide Privacy

Employees that lack privacy often suffer from emotional exhaustion and higher stress levels.

This is especially true for those that work in modern, “open” office areas. If your employees work with numbers, or spend time writing, reading, or listening to text, distractions in the ambient atmosphere can take a toll on their efficiency.

Combat this by changing the office set-up to include higher walls, playing instrumental music as a background noise, or encouraging employees to bring noise-cancelling or other headsets to work to block out distraction.

  1. Make Sure They Have the Right Tools

Your employees can’t be productive without access to the right equipment.

Taking time to work with print and IT professionals to optimize your printer and copier fleet, maximize information flow through digitizing paper-heavy processes, and making sure all equipment is properly maintained is a step toward enhanced productivity.

Partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can provide you with a full-service experience. They will assess, design, deploy, and maintain your print, document, or IT system for a single monthly bill, reducing stress on your budget and ensuring your equipment is always ready when your employees need it.

First Phase Data Has the Right Resources for a Productive Office

Running a business in the best of times is difficult. In our post-COVID world, it is even harder.

That is why at First Phase Data, we have worked hard to curate the right equipment and services — at the right price — to give our business clients that extra boost of productivity they need to be successful.

Whether you need office equipment that is always up and running, automated supplies to ensure you are never caught short, or a custom-tailored print or document management system to organize your information and streamline workflows, we have you covered.

Our solutions are designed to increase productivity and save your business money — two ways to help your business thrive in the coming year.

Get the right tools to increase the productivity of your office staff, whether they work from home or are in the office. Contact First Phase Data today and let our team of IT and print professionals design a productivity solution for you.

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