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How Zebra Printers Can Help Your Business Meet Post-COVID Market Demands

The short-term impact of COVID-19 has resulted in toppled markets and set businesses of all sizes on a path to find newer, more efficient ways to get jobs done — and keep revenue streams flowing.

And the continuing repercussions of this ongoing crisis mean most businesses — from retail to manufacturing to foodservice and beyond — must harness the power of new technology to rebuild their market shares and keep consumers satisfied.

While staffing concerns and new modes of working such as remote offices and social distancing strategies can stress strapped budgets and frustrate workers who struggle to grasp new processes, one simple change can have long-lasting benefits for many businesses.

The change we are highlighting is a switch to thermal printing technology to provide operational visibility, detect shifts in buying patterns to optimize inventory, offer actionable intelligence to partners and associates, and assist in facilitating contactless shopping options.

Receipts, barcodes, shipping labels, and a host of other printed materials are necessary to get a product through the supply chain and into the customer’s hands. Using thermal printing technologies, these simple items can be endowed with trackable information that helps companies take advantage of intelligent automation.

Our pick for rugged, dependable thermal printers? Industry leader Zebra, a cutting-edge innovator that provides thermal printing solutions for the widest variety of industries — from government, banking, and energy to e-commerce, hospitality, healthcare, and more.

The Benefits of Zebra Printers’ Thermal Printing Technology

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, printers are the next wave in printing technology that can assist your business in improving efficiency, operations, and ultimately, revenue.

An RFID printer is different from a barcode printer, as the technology depends upon radio frequency rather than optical readers. An RFID tag can uniquely identify every item or asset that is tagged, and some RFID tags are even read/write capable for additional flexibility.

Additional benefits include:

  • Tag reading support without the need for line-of-sight or item-by-item scans
  • All RFID tags within a specific range can be detected simultaneously to match them with the correct information in your system
  • Multiple RFID tags can be read at the same time for increased efficiency
  • RFID supports automated data collection to reduce the chance of human error and reduce labor costs
  • RFID-coded assets can be instantly located and cross-referenced
  • Active scanning systems and fixed readers support integration with RFID for complete automation

There are two ways to print using thermal technologies. Direct thermal printers use heat to transfer images to special, heat-sensitive paper that turns black when heat is applied, while thermal transfer printing use ribbons made of special resin or wax-based ink that melts directly on to whatever media you choose to use.

Some printers can operate in both modes to give smaller businesses the versatility and flexibility they need.

Zebra thermal printers combine the durability of industrial design with user-friendly features that are future-ready for optimal versatility and cost-effectiveness.

And with COVID affecting everyone’s budget, cost-effectiveness is a key strategy to keep your business successful. Thermal and thermal transfer printing can both save money, as no ink, toner, or ribbon is necessary.

First Phase Data Has Partnered with Zebra to Bring You the Most Options

At First Phase Data, we are aware that different industries have vastly different needs for tracking assets, labeling goods, and putting barcode or RFID printers to use.

That is why we have assembled an expert team of professionals armed with industry-specific knowledge to help determine your business’s thermal printing needs. Using an in-depth assessment of your current — and planned — business objectives, they can help you select the most powerful, cost-effective choice to streamline your business processes.

Our team works closely with the experts at Zebra to match the correct printer to your objectives. We can provide solutions for asset management, cross-docking, information, compliance, quality control, reverse logistics, shipping and receiving, lab sample tracking, security tagging, back-of-store operations and so much more.

With Zebra and First Phase Data in your corner, your business will have access to the right state-of-the-art tracking and labeling solutions to achieve your goals — at a price that fits your budget.

Get the right thermal printing solutions for your business needs. Contact First Phase Data today and discover how a Zebra printer can revolutionize — and improve — the way you do business.

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